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I went to the Indochino travelling operation to check it out and maybe steal a few ideas, but really, I came up empty. They are serving an entirely different demographic - namely, the Banana Republic crowd. All of their photography, design, fabric choice, etc all point in the direction of super mass market, which I am sure is great economically for them, but this forum probably isn't the place that's going to be most receptive to that.Online isn't particularly suited to...
We have them, I think they will be released for the holidays as a gifting collecitonOh man, I will give SF the heads up as soon as I can, sometimes it will be 8 hours ahead of time, sometimes up to a few days. I just checked, and we sold about 30 units of the male sweatshirt, so even my posting it at 11pm seems to be somewhat advantageous That said, if we do any early bird programs, I will let you guys in on the scoop. I don't think we are restocking the khaki backpack,...
Men's Collection is up, emails going out tomorrow - https://www.everlane.com/collections/mens-terry-sweatshirtsWe have a lot of stuff in the works - I think boxers will be up first. Socks are hard, because we can source Corgi-level socks and sell them for like $15 or under, but getting the general public to spend like that on socks is not an easy marketing task without the branding behind it.We are definitely working on it - men buy more of our thin belts by far, and we...
To pile on this a little bit, it's super obnoxious to us to ship to Canada. Between labeling laws (we have to add French to all our labels) and the roughly 20% price bump we will have to add to all our products, it's driving me insane at work.
If you are implying that it's LP, it's not really. Production is licensed to LP, which sub-contracts it out to other mills using 2nd rate fibers.
Two of the best pieces. The Parka is huge in true gap style.
Matt - you and Jake have been bringing the pain lately. I saw this on tumblr from a while back and I was really impressed -
The twitter page might be premature - I kicked off the Canada shipping project yesterday - we are trying to get it done by mid November.
The fit on the tees has been locked in, it's been a long process, which I am happy to talk about.1. We believe in an iterative process. There is something to be said for consistency, but I think by constantly making small adjustments, we ended up in a place that everyone, especially our customers are happiest with.2. We take feedback seriously - styleforum guys as well as our broader customer-base have been quite liberal with the offering of suggestions and complaints, and...
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