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The sweater still fits looser than the t-shirt, but the current iteration is on the site. We are sending an email about it soon, but the new fit is up.Key differences:- slimmer in the body- longer in the body- narrower neck opening- slightly longer sleeves
MEGA REPLY POASTWe are working on a men's 1.25 inch belt. It will be similar to the at-cost belts from last year - 1 piece leather construction, but we will be making the buckles interchangable to let people add a bit of variety.The new French Terry has an adjusted fit - it's much slimmer than the old version, and we tightened up the neck opening.Late Feb, Early March. We are rebuilding a lot of our fulfillment architecture and this is one of the improvements.We just got a...
User Interface comment - when you have unread messages, the text (or at least the number) should be red or otherwise highlighted http://cl.ly/image/3O2n2t2T0Y3S
Straight ballin.Sorry it didn't work out for you - if you can't find a buyer, PM me.We are holding off on the sneaker for a little bit. Our focus this season is on stuff that is even higher in quality and worksmanship than we had last year.To that end, we are exploring new production facilities in Spain and Italy for leather products, and we are starting off with small leather goods before we go deep into things like briefcases and shoes.
We have the same stock in store as online. We are focusing on letting people try stuff on which they otherwise would order online without knowing their size / the feel of the fabric.You don't want to know
Sorry bro, on the black one the stripe is very subtle, more so than in the images. You can only see it in bright light due to it being a little more reflective.We took a couple of returns, so some of the sizes have a few units.
Yeah, the cashmere will most definitely come back next year, and like all of our products, we are going to constantly iterate and improve them. We had resin buttons this time around, so we will try to get horn buttons, as well as upgrade the quality of our yarn, since we will be buying at higher volumes, but that's all for next year.We will be doing spring summer knits as well, probably in some kind of linen / silk / cotton blend. We are playing with a few different yarn...
Denim is looking awesome. It's like the high-waited jean of my hopes and dreams.
We are out of light grey for the season, sorry guys.
I think a slate blue is in the works and I am pushing for an olive. I will ask our designer what he thinks of seafoam.Awesome - we had a great day with the beanies today, at least 3 colors are sold out.Shawl collars were a little too complex for us this year, but we have some more sophisticated styles coming in spring. The beanies are nto itchy at all, it should work out for you.Are you in NYC? If you stop by the popup, we will literally make you a cardigan with your...
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