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They are canvas with leather handles, interior is lined with nylon.We took photos of them on Friday, so they should be popping up on the blog soon.The totes are unisex. We just separate them into sections to show on men and women models.The shirts had a restock and a few new style/color combos last week. There's another restock soon to replenish some quantities that have sold out.
That's a good summary, and to your point, the job that you want coming out of school with a computer science degree is typically a software engineering position. Computer science as you ahev defined it is basically an academic pursuit similar to high level mathematics.There are private research institutes (Parc, MS Research, IBM Research, etc) where you can be a computer scientist, but most of the jobs are for application.I have lots of theories about the current...
Nice fit! How do you like the V-shape of the neck?Also, that's the muted gray right? The slate color is darker and I don't think it's been released for quite a month yet.
http://devbootcamp.com/It's the real deal.
You will love the bags. They turned out really well, and at the price they will sell at, it's completely ridiculous.The dopp kits are a tricky business for us - we don't want to have a heritage image like J Crew or RL even, so waxed canvas dopp kits are not entirely on message. We would sell them quickly and make some money in the short term, but there's the branding aspect to consider. We have about 200 units sitting in a warehouse (at cost to us). I am pushing for them...
Previews will be a few days ahead - the soft launch is only for the first 200 units that we air-shipped, but I will get you guys in on the action.We are releasing the rest of the inventory a week after when they arrive by freight.
Weekenders are slated for a soft launch on the 27th, but that date might move.
It will patina over time and darken.
I think they lurk once in a while - this thread is basically my personal side project
Just heard back from Edoardo, our product guy.Our women's shirts are Supima, as was our first couple of batches of Men's shirts.Our men's shirts are currently made from combed ringspun pima cotton - Edoardo told me basically the same thing as what you said lesamourai, that he didn't feel the difference was very large. The threads per sq. inch remained the same and the cotton is still combed, so only the longest fibers remain. The Supima label guarantees that 100% of the...
New Posts  All Forums: