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I disagree. Luck has a big part to play if you are doing more "interesting" stuff in finance. The vast majority of stuff is lower risk, less interesting for journalists to write about, but still pays really well.
The free tee rewards are redeemable on the basic tees only - I don't know when the next restock of the Ryan is, I will find out for you.
He meant that our shirts are made of pima, I think. Yes they are.
Thanks dude!You have PM.Like others have said the difference between Pima and Supima cotton is that Supima is a trademark that can be applied to Pima cotton that comes 100% from the US. Normally, cotton come from a lot of different sources and are mixed together, so there isn't a guarantee of country of origin for the fibers themselves. It was for like 5 seconds but we appreciated the shout out.Nice to hear that your stuff stayed dry, getting caught in the rain with papers...
Oh no. If you have a defective shirt, PM me and I will get it squared away for you.As to the weekender price, under $100
Details:1. There will be 4 colorways, each has a different color contrast stripe.2. They are not waxed canvas, and they have a nylon lining so they will keep your stuff pretty dry if you get caught in the rain.In other news, we just restocked many of the men's t-shirts.
You are paying for the learning but also for the connections - they have a job fair at the end of the thing with an 80% placement rate, and if you get a placement, ou get half your tuition back.
Our philosophy is to not have flagship type retail locations, but...We are planning to have a pop-up shop in NYC in a little bit. I will release details as we get things planned, but it will give people who haven't felt our products in person a chance to touch and try on shirts.\The fit is unchanged. The pima cotton is actually a little bit heavier, but it drapes almost the same.
They are canvas with leather handles, interior is lined with nylon.We took photos of them on Friday, so they should be popping up on the blog soon.The totes are unisex. We just separate them into sections to show on men and women models.The shirts had a restock and a few new style/color combos last week. There's another restock soon to replenish some quantities that have sold out.
That's a good summary, and to your point, the job that you want coming out of school with a computer science degree is typically a software engineering position. Computer science as you ahev defined it is basically an academic pursuit similar to high level mathematics.There are private research institutes (Parc, MS Research, IBM Research, etc) where you can be a computer scientist, but most of the jobs are for application.I have lots of theories about the current...
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