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I don't. I never said that. I only said that Obama is more similar to them than Romney is.
I don't.
Remember, the alternative is Romney. Everything is relative.Even with your cherry-picked details, he is more like them than Romney is.
1. Piob, we all know you are a fat scottish overloard sucking the blood from the neck of the working man. Duh.2. You are not telling the whole story about the 2014 implementation deadline. There is a component of the law that provides a bridge insurance policy for those with pre-existing conditions until 2014. https://www.pcip.gov/FAQ.htmlFrom healthcare.gov: http://www.healthcare.gov/law/timeline/index.html#event7-pane
Ruh Roh. Is Keith missing again?Here's me today.Epaulet ItemsWhite Point Collar Dress ShirtSouthwick Hopsack BlazerOlive Guncheck Walts
Thanks!OTC, I agree with you about cashmere. There are different grades of the stuff and while we will not have the highest possible grade, our stuff is going to be very good, especially for the sub $100 price.Of the 4 different grades we tested, we ended up using the highest one.Billster, It will be 100% cashmere and on par with stuff that you find in most places for $250.Yeah, the scarves are pretty much unisex unless in the neutral colors.I just some photos of myself in...
We are working on fall colors right now. There's one last restock of summer colors and we are going to move forward with heather colors for autumn.The new scarves are huge - almost 3 feet wide and almost 6 feet long. The Modal-silk-wool blend is also quite expensive, so our materials cost alone is almost $20 a unit. Fully-loaded, our cost is $28 a unit on these guys. We lucked out with the old scarves and got the material on end-run, so our cost was much lower.All of our...
I will try to get a styleforum-only release early next week. It will be for two of the 6 variants we will end up with, but those are all we have on hand at the moment.They are the same size as the old backpacks. The laptop sleeve will be padded this time around.That's the old backpack page, and those styles are discontinued. The new versions are upgraded in many ways and are different colors. The new packs will be available to everyone.You guys are right, I should be more...
Because the mass market isn't as educated as styleforum folks. We have to go with the trend on this one.When does the semester begin? I can plan around it.
Coming soon! All I can say, but you guys will have it with plenty of advanced notice to the general public.Glad you like it!Woot.We went by pant size, and some of the leather we use (the grain especially) is a little pliable so that might explain it. We take returns no problem, but the design of the belt makes it so you can be on the last hole and still cover it up with the other end of the strap.I would say, get a medium. if your wait where you want to wear the belt is...
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