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No way! We are 100% anti exterior logo.That is a badge on the inside of the weekender - the blue that you see is the nylon lining, and the zip is an interior pocket.Sorry guys -We are going to work on the waitlist functionality - I am responsible for the technology department, and I will fully admit - the current version kinds sucks. It was more of a proof of concept to see if people would use the feature - the final implementation is on its way.Right now, it's stocked...
You got PM - It sounds like a manufacturing issue if anything.Yeah, the weekenders will be available in the following colors / stripe:Black / BlackNavy / Red (my favorite)Grey / NavyGreen / RedNext week I think - we are getting our first belt delivery any day now.It will probably be around 4 weeks from now. We have a huge restock on the way, but women are arriving first.July is the timeframe we are shooting for.
USually it's pretty fast - PM me your order number and I will look into it for you.
It will not. We are targeting international shipping for September / pre-holidays. Our most popular items sell out in hours at the moment, and opening up to international will completely light our servers on fire. We just hired an awesome production manager, so that should be ramping up ASAP.Not planned as of now. The fabric is really flowy and light, which is a bit counter to our philosophy of producing really accessible basics for men.Hey badtzwang, delivery confs via...
Related point, what's your definition of a "good" school? IMO, the only thing that matters about a school are: 1. What it's name is, and what prospective employers / other people think about your when they read that line on your resume. 2. The kinds of networking opportunities you are afforded for attending, whether it's from classmates, professors, or employers that recruit out of specific campuses. The quality of education seems rather moot to me, almost to the point...
I disagree. Luck has a big part to play if you are doing more "interesting" stuff in finance. The vast majority of stuff is lower risk, less interesting for journalists to write about, but still pays really well.
The free tee rewards are redeemable on the basic tees only - I don't know when the next restock of the Ryan is, I will find out for you.
He meant that our shirts are made of pima, I think. Yes they are.
Thanks dude!You have PM.Like others have said the difference between Pima and Supima cotton is that Supima is a trademark that can be applied to Pima cotton that comes 100% from the US. Normally, cotton come from a lot of different sources and are mixed together, so there isn't a guarantee of country of origin for the fibers themselves. It was for like 5 seconds but we appreciated the shout out.Nice to hear that your stuff stayed dry, getting caught in the rain with papers...
Oh no. If you have a defective shirt, PM me and I will get it squared away for you.As to the weekender price, under $100
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