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Thanks for the feedback guys - we're still trying to figure out the best way to do these things. For the insider program, it's selected from top 1% of our customer-base. The first 250 were the first 250 confirmed emails we had.As our userbase grows, the number of people in the 1% will grow as well.We really appreciate the community here on SF and that's why I maintain this thread. Typically, I publish big drops here 12+ hours ahead of the general email and other things...
Some of the the faces behind the brand, here's the San Francisco team going to lunch today. From left to right: Michael, the CEO Brian - systems engineer Nan (me) - tech lead Jeff - web designer / developer (he built the entire mobile site for Yelp, so you may have seen his handiwork) Vincent - wunderkind engineer generalist Rei - ruler of all things excel This is most everybody - Edoardo, our designer is out of town right now. Vincent and Rei are wearing Everlane gear
We are planning a 1.25 inch belt in the same style, only scaled up - I posted samples of the buckle some pages back.I think on the 25thYou got PMThe shirts all have the same measurements. The reason the pocket tee feels tighter to some people is the extra fabric layer on the chest reduces the stretching. We are playing around with adding like a quarter inch to the chest to alleviate the issue, but the front pieces come from the same patterns.There were 250 original...
Thanks sleu -CalTex, you probably didn't make the holes develop. A small % of the shirts were damaged during packing and that's probably what you are seeing. PM me and we can work something out.
No, it's a bug The video only autoplays once, thoughWe went by pant sizing - it's easier for the 90% of non-styleforum peopleEDIT: site back up
Belts are up.
There hasn't been a soft release yet, but it will happen.
No way! We are 100% anti exterior logo.That is a badge on the inside of the weekender - the blue that you see is the nylon lining, and the zip is an interior pocket.Sorry guys -We are going to work on the waitlist functionality - I am responsible for the technology department, and I will fully admit - the current version kinds sucks. It was more of a proof of concept to see if people would use the feature - the final implementation is on its way.Right now, it's stocked...
You got PM - It sounds like a manufacturing issue if anything.Yeah, the weekenders will be available in the following colors / stripe:Black / BlackNavy / Red (my favorite)Grey / NavyGreen / RedNext week I think - we are getting our first belt delivery any day now.It will probably be around 4 weeks from now. We have a huge restock on the way, but women are arriving first.July is the timeframe we are shooting for.
USually it's pretty fast - PM me your order number and I will look into it for you.
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