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Hey Everyone - This was a crazy weekend. We just finished tearing down the popup in NYC and I am on a plane on my way back to San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi, the turnout was really fantastic and it was great meeting everyone. I am answering all backed up PMs and I will respond to all questions in the thread a little later. Stay tuned.
No - they are not.Our backpacks and weekenders are made in China, at a factory called Mr. Hong's.
We slimmed up the larges, and we are dialing in the length. People complained about the old tees being too short, especially on the short side of our tolerances, so we added 0.5 inch to M and L.This week, near end of week. The NYC launch is on Thursday in our pop-up showroom. The wide launch will probably be like next week - if we get all the assets built out in time, I will try to leak it early on here.Thanks man!We will have all the merch. at the popup. To be clear -...
Thanks guys - really hope you enjoy the shirts and bags. The shirts are actually pre-orders that we just set up - they will be shipped between 6/27 and 7/16, depending on color / make / size - We didn't communicate this super clearly until this morning, so if you ordered before, and have any issues with it, we would be happy to take care of your case one by one. If you wanna see when the ship date is, just click on the product and a little date should pop out under the...
Quick FYI - I am checking referrers to the styleforum weekender preview - that just means to get access to it, click through on a link from the forum, it will add a cookie to your browser that grants that browser permission for as long as you have the cookie. https://www.everlane.com/collections/weekender-styleforum
Sorry for the delay! We are still hard at work getting all the assets in place.1. The official launch date got pushed to Tuesday2. Here is the styleforum early access link.https://www.everlane.com/collections/weekender-styleforumSorry for those who waited for today, we were scrambling all day at the office, but you guys get access 24 hrs ahead of time, 100 units each color way.
I will try to post it here before the official drop and email blastNavy is my favorite. The contrast stripe looks so goodThe link to the NYC popup is live -www.everlane.com/nyc-popup
MEGA REPLY AND UPDATE POASTPop Up ShowroomFor all the New Yorkers, we are going to be in town next week!65 Prince StreetNew York, NYJune 28 - July 111AM - 7PM- We will have everything there to try on, touch, see in person, etc.- Orders placed on location will have free shipping- Visitors will be the first to get dibs on the new Backpacks- Alcoholic beverages will be provided by us, so come for the backpacks, stay for the beers.Weekender Launch- We moving that up by a few...
Wow the DB looks great. Are those Alden color 8 loafers?
Thanks Samir, I remember our team getting really excited months ago when we saw how enthusiastic you and stevent were about us.Thanks! We took your feedback seriously when we did the redesign. The bags are much cleaned up from when you saw them.We tried a few sizes and gave the samples to friends and family for a trial run on some trips - the size we ended up on is 22L x 8.5W x 12HSorry to hear that - you got PMThe straps are designed to be long enough to carry in your arm...
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