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Sorry bro, I don't hang around CE much anymore. It's a sad place these days.
Not a hurricane, a tropical storm. OMFG PIOB GET IT RIGHT ELEVENTY srsly tho. last election cycle http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/08/05/obama.bush.election/index.html Headline: Will Bush-bashing help Democrats win over weary voters? Both shitty pieces of reporting, but OMGZBIAS is not the case.
I have Aldens that were made on the wrong last - I just go with it.If it's defective, we will replace it, check your PMSWAGword brother.
Glad to hear it turned out fairly ok, and thanks for the suggestions, I will pass them on to the rest of the team.We have 5 different versions of the invite system in play right now, I can't even keep track anymore.Early November is the plan.
We'll have fall solids as well.Usually just a couple of days, if you are having issues, PM me your order nuber and I will check it out.Not for a while, we are trying to ship to Canada this year, but that's all for the moment.Yeah, that guy went really fast, but luckily, we saw it fly off the shelves back during the pre-release, so we started production on more right away - expect a restock on that color in early September.I think Styleforum is going to be like that -...
IMO bad choice - it reverses the ticket. Like Palin did with McCain, people will be voting for Ryan v. Obama instead of Romney v. Obama (I am not comparing the competency as a candidate of Ryan and Palin, there is a clear distinction) Makes Romney look weak when attack ads target Ryan and Romney has to defend his #2.
Yeah I forgot we were doing Olive.We sent out preview emails to half the people on our mailing list to see if that gets people excited or just annoys them.Tuesday!The red is my favorite from this run. The gingham lining wasn't as water resistant, so we made a trade-off on this run.Waitaminute... how did that get there? - We ordered silver buckles last week, I don't know when they will arrive from the factory- No plans for hoodies that I know ofI have about the same...
It's coming back but I don't know when. The Atmosphere color is the fastest selling version yet, so it's a good alternative.When we get the final samples, you can totally drop by and test out some of the stuff - you'll have to user test the website for us too thought Email chris at everlane directly and he will take care of you.The pocket is here to stay. Our shirts fit similarly to Aspesi, if you guys are familiar with that brand.We want to start shipping to Canada in...
Glad you are enjoying it -You do now - my badWe have one more round of samples, then I can get you guys measurements.
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