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These are the old-school made in LA versions, so they have real steel rivets. - gently worn - I have a ton of eps trousers and chinos and these hardly ever made it into the rotation sold
Yes, but we will be bringing in a different shade that's pretty close for the fall.We're testing free shipping and returns with some users. We may implement it site-wide in the future.Sent you a PM, here they are just in case anyone else is wondering.http://cl.ly/image/1f0S1d0P3P0tI would recommend sizing up to a S.
No Merlot for this restock. We'll have a slightly different merlot for September. The fall release should also feature improved collars and hems that our team is still working on.
Hey appreciate the feedback, we choose the weights of our fabrics very carefully - it's always a balancing act between hand-feel and durability. We are playing with different leathers for the weekender handles, I think what we have now strikes a good balance without being too rugged. On our weekender we use 3mm full grain leather. As for our tees we tested it with a variety of people and they preferred the softness and lightness.If you have holes in your shirts let me know...
Hey, sorry to hear about your French Terry and Ryan, pilling is an issue that our production team is addressing head on. We've sourced new fabric and a new factory to address this for the relaunch in August. If the pilling is really bad I can send a replacement, just contact me over PM.I'll pass along your comments about color to our head of design. I've pushed for more adventurous colors, but I also understand they have their reasons. We've been focused on fall/winter for...
I got these when they came out, but never wore them. Tags still on them, version 1 I bought these on a lark in New York, looking to hand them off to someone who wil appreciate them more than me.
Beautiful brown chromexcel Size 8.5D, fits like 9D Beef roll, made in Maine Worn less than 10 times, these are in really great shape overall.
Made in Maine Brown Chromexcel leather, really nice color Size 8.5D (runs large, so fits like sz. 9D) Worn less than 10 times, I moved to SF and I am reducing my shoe collection. These are in really great shape.
We tried the fit on a bunch of guys in LA, and most of them totally dug it - sorry it didn't work out for you guys. PM me if you are interested in giving some direct feedback to our head of design, I'm really happy to put you in touch with him over email. I can also help you out with the return process over PM.We have recently change the way we prompt people for their emails. We are slowly and surely transforming into a more open e-commerce site, as opposed to our mailing...
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