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I got these when they came out, but never wore them. Tags still on them, version 1 I bought these on a lark in New York, looking to hand them off to someone who wil appreciate them more than me.
Beautiful brown chromexcel Size 8.5D, fits like 9D Beef roll, made in Maine Worn less than 10 times, these are in really great shape overall.
Made in Maine Brown Chromexcel leather, really nice color Size 8.5D (runs large, so fits like sz. 9D) Worn less than 10 times, I moved to SF and I am reducing my shoe collection. These are in really great shape.
We tried the fit on a bunch of guys in LA, and most of them totally dug it - sorry it didn't work out for you guys. PM me if you are interested in giving some direct feedback to our head of design, I'm really happy to put you in touch with him over email. I can also help you out with the return process over PM.We have recently change the way we prompt people for their emails. We are slowly and surely transforming into a more open e-commerce site, as opposed to our mailing...
Yeah, I am going to guess that the sleeves will be short on you for a size small. Try the medium - if that doesn't work out for you, we'll be happy to print you a return shipping label
We don't ask customers to return defective items, they can donate it if the defect doesn't hinder functionality, throw it away, use it as rags, gym shirt, etc.We try to hassle people as little as possible, and we think taking a picture and sending an email is less of a hassle than going to the post office, and sending back a defective item.When the shirts have a hole, it's commonly (not always) a result of the packing process in the final step at the warehouse - QC is...
Hey Guys,I have been off of Styleforum for a while - all work and no play (makes Nan a sad boy)That said, wow I wish I had been keeping up here. If anyone has any issues that they need resolved or our customer service isn't cutting it,please feel very free to PM me or email me: nan at everlane.The way we get better at this is through user feedback, and styleforum keeps us honest.Hey, sorry the shirt didn't fit - did you end up getting a replacement or did you just return...
Blue tartan Harris Tweed driving cap - worn twice - I have the brown one too, and I wear that oen a lot more. New was close to $200, yours for $40 OBO Size XL, which is about a 60
Billykirk Bridal Leather Briefcase / Messenger Bag. The leather is heavy and holds its shape very well. All hand-stiched, from back when Billykirk was always handmade in the USA. Used once, this has been sitting in my closet for years. Price new was $300. Yours for $160.
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