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38 still available? Just to make sure - it's this one right http://cl.ly/image/0z0S3P1I233V
Quite right Fok, I was not a founder at Everlane, I am employee #6 (I think). I took over for the technical co-founder, and I have been running the technology team since late 2011.
Alden Color 8 longwings - Brand new, unworn - Burgundy (Color 8) - Sz 8.5 Barrie Last - $650 + tax new, yours for $580 Shipped - Price is firm, shoe trees included
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted. I've read through the last few pages and I noticed some folks were unhappy with their past or recent purchases. I'd like to let everyone know if they contact our support team, we'll make sure you're taken care of. You can also PM me. We went from producing a few hundred t-shirts to thousands per month and have expanded to other categories. Scaling introduces complexities and issues, but we're not turning a blind eye to them....
Since we garment dye we have a tolerance of a 1/2" difference inch from spec. The basics colors you received may have been on the short end while the new colors you ordered might have been longer than we allow.If spec said 10 and the first shirt you received is a 9.5. Then the second shirts your ordered are on the longer say 10.5 or more. If you ever have issues with the length let us know and we'll be happy to exchange them.Here's the new lengths for the tees. Add half an...
Hey taco, just wanted to let you know some of the changes we made to the fit. Since we use turn back construction for the hem, we went from a 1/2" hem to a 5/8" hem. This will keep the hem from flipping up Switched from 30's rib to 20's rib which is slightly thicker and will help ensure the collar lays flat. Removed 1/2" in length on sizes XS-L Sleeves are 1/4" longer on sizes XS-L
Hey Timbaland, sucks that the tees didn't hold up. We pull about 10% of our production lot to closely inspect, so some will slip through the cracks. PM me your account info and I'll get you a replacement ASAP.Tomorrow our new tees drop and from this production batch forward we've updated a few things:Since we use turn back construction for the hem, we went from a 1/2" hem to a 5/8" hem. This will keep the hem from flipping upSwitched from 30's rib to 20's rib which is...
These are the old-school made in LA versions, so they have real steel rivets. - gently worn - I have a ton of eps trousers and chinos and these hardly ever made it into the rotation sold
Yes, but we will be bringing in a different shade that's pretty close for the fall.We're testing free shipping and returns with some users. We may implement it site-wide in the future.Sent you a PM, here they are just in case anyone else is wondering.http://cl.ly/image/1f0S1d0P3P0tI would recommend sizing up to a S.
No Merlot for this restock. We'll have a slightly different merlot for September. The fall release should also feature improved collars and hems that our team is still working on.
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