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Thanks for the heads up, just bought the last blue in S
Varsity has been 50% at the Tannery in Boston/Cambridge for a while, a couple of sizes left would have copped but weird fit on me.
Any of the polka dot marine parka's in blue in XS left in any stores? I can't believe I slept on that.
One of the polka dot shirts appears to be a dress shirt with dressy buttons and the other a more casual one. Wish the casual one was the slimmer fit
measurements? thanks.
Are there any wool suits being sold at the moment? I plan on stopping by this weekend; I need a few suits. Also, if one location has better suit selection that would be helpful as well...
Don't think that's normal. Mine do that to a much lesser extent, however they are factory seconds that I (unknowingly) bought on ebay.
Anyone know the pit-to-pit measurements of the South Willard California Winter Jackets in XXS and XS? SW informed me that the XXS had a pit-to-pit of 18. Seems a bit off compared to some of the measurements of larger sizes in this thread, but if anybody would know it would be Ryan...
Picked up a pyute vest in xs (not from Context but found it on another site that was a bit cheaper). Fit was spot on, and a bit better than the xs parka I had tried on at the Tannery in Boston. Vest fits my needs and looks sharp. Construction leaves a bit to be desired (made in vietnam), with loose threads and misaligned stiching, but don't mind and overall pretty satisfied..
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