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Happy birthday. \t I hope all is well and that Hotlanta is treating you well. Many more Parsonsdb
I saw a commercial today for the Masters, just out of curiosity, do you have tickets again this year? Maybe any extra =).... I'd love to know how you got them? Good "˜ol boy system, southern barter system? Have a good one, Parsonsdb
Sonick, I am sure that we have all been in a spot like yours. However, the fact is you wore them and nothings wrong with them as to justify their return.  The proper thing is to keep them. I don't know if they have "˜flee markets' where you live, but if you get on the prowl there you might be surprised at what you find. I found a pair of Wallabies for $15. Moreover, wear what you like"”I've owned a pair of gray Velcro strap shoes for about a 1-year now. I think they...
Larry, Shoes? If that is what you're referring to you're correct; note that the preceding statement is, nostalgic and doddering. Like always there are a few exceptions to the rule--I.e.  Elder Charlstonian debutant society or Junior Leaguers this rule is pertinent and steadfast. Same as those ladies will not drink G&T contemporaneous with respect to when they aren't wearing white shoes.   But, I think that for most of us"”males that issue is not an issue. If it's 90...
Larry, welcome welcome.   parsonsdb
Mike C. Both, they will gain lots strength and little bit of size"”becoming super tone.  When I started riding, I clearly noticed a difference in my legs, more cut. After a few miles out, naturally your legs will begin to fatigue, but with the continuous stroke you will tone them.  Where you will gain the most mass is your calves, they will explode out. For equipment, make sure you get a dong friendly seat.   Hope I helped, Parsonsdb
^^ yep
Where are you planning on going for school?  Where did you get your undergrad? http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....1;t=583 http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....1;t=490 http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....1;t=264 http://www.styleforum.net/cgi-bin....1;t=187 I think this is all of them. Good luck. parsonsdb
*Sorry for the belated post, but it's here.   Hey fellas, This is the story of how/why my social morals are what they are. I was born to a Marines Corps officer and my mother, a former debutant and member of the Junior League.  This was my life and how I was reared from birth to the beginning of 6th grade. There were always parties and entertaining"”social events the majority of kids aren't exposed to outside that circle. Other than that my life was two other...
[Discovering that my drawers were quite infested with little green alligator logos I riddled my self: Do I really look like the frats in the film? By God I hope not.] This was the original question. To which I responded, [I think that your friends know you for who you are and what you're about.] Maybe a bit off topic, but not naïve. If one cannot see another for who he/she is on the inside and must resort to lumping them together with the status quo of the campus...
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