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Patrick, is it safe to say you have caught the bespoke eyewear bug? What projects do you have cookin', be it with Wesley, Bonnet or others? Wesley seems like the kind of guy who could make a nice case to go with a pair of frames. I have found that to be an untapped market. Aside from Hermes, not many fantastic options out there. To all you guys and gals out there with businesses capitalizing on #menswear: bring on the small-batch, artisan-made eyeglass case.
See for yourself at the Met's style blog.
P. Booth, thanks for the write-up. Your glasses look great, and as the wearer of several bespoke frames, I can attest to the fit, comfort and style which you refer to. One question for you: was the sole in-person meeting enough, or would you rather have had more face-to-face meetings along the process, instead of the mailed-models, phone calls, and DIY photos? I reached out to Wesley ahead of his first NYC visit, and it is nice to see that years later he is establishing...
Clearing out a few items to make room for other stuff. For sale: Brioni Two-Button Navy Suit Ermenegildo Zegna Two-Button Grey Suit Some Drake's London and E.G. Cappelli accessories Post any questions you have through eBay.
I am selling off a pair of RM Williams dress boots of mine. They were a custom order through RM Williams, and we're made in their Claret yearling leather with brass screw leather sole construction. Size 8.5G AUS, fits 9.5-10D US. See the eBay posting for all the info:
Quote: Originally Posted by Frodo Thomas Mahon recommends Quearney and I'm thinking of making the move to bespoke with a fitting in the next year. He comes to a few US cities. Any personal experiences or information about Mr. Quearney's work? I'd like to sort of get in on the ground floor with a young tailor that I can work with for many years. Frodo, have you made a decision here? Mr. Quearney's blog shows that he will be returning to...
I am in the course of having a bespoke garment made by Jonathan Quearney. He is based in London and visits North America twice each year. Here is an associated thread: His blog ( shows that he will be in Vancouver on December 2. He does MTM (custom) or bespoke for those interested.
Any of our Vancouver members have experience with or are thinking about bespoke? Please share with us. Thanks in advance.
Anyone? Someone in the London area where Quearney is based, or in any of the North American cities (NYC, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and LA) he visits must have something to say.
A lighter weight fabric does not directly equate to a cooler-wearing garment. Weave and material come into it too. For example, high twist wool yarns make up into a porous cloth, such as that sold as Fresco(tm), which allows air circulation. In this case, a higher weight Fresco wears cooler than a same-weighted conventional worsted. Mohair/wool mixes are porous. Mohair is shiny so the 60% fabric will likely be shinier, but may be more porous. This may come across...
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