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My girlfriend made orzo with sundried tomatoes and fresh basil, and black eyed peas with kale. I made cupcakes for dessert.
The Isaia and the Zegna are gone.
Thank you for informing me. I added prices. Don't worry if they're a bit high (I dunno if they are actually, I just am usually bad at guessing prices), they will drop for every day nobody buys one. Edit: The PRL is Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Red. I added a close up. Edit: I remeasured in response to a PM, the PRL is definitely 19' on the shoulders. You can even see in the pictures that the shoulders are wider than the waist, which is 18.5.
I dumped my girlfriend a couple weeks ago. We got back together 3 hours later and she's been crying periodically since, scared that I will dump her again.
I'm planning on pursuing a PhD, market be damned. My wife will do the real work. Of course, I won't go unless I get into a top 15. I think I might have a solid chance, as I will hopefully have an article forthcoming in the top journal in my specialty soon (on second R&R and all the editor wants me to do is clean up the footnotes a bit and convert citations to house style). Unfortunately, the journal is technically a polisci journal so it has more name recognition in that...
Eh, might as well. I just turned down a research Fulbright and accepted a funded offer to a solid MA program in philosophy. Hope it was the right choice.
Just wanted to post an update that I forgot: I got these used myself, so I don't know the exact age on each. The Isaia, however, still has the original extra buttons in a bag in the inside pocket.
It does seem too big, but I assure you it is correct. I just tried on both to compare for fun. The shoulders on the PRL are massive (compared to my frame).
Fixed. Thanks.
I need to get rid of these things soon, so just PM me some reasonable offers and I'll ship them all out either next week or the week after. Everything is (of course) fully canvassed and double vented. They are all used, but no noticeable wear. Additional photos upon request. 42R Isaia Napoli Summer SC, 60 Linen/40 Silk, functional buttons. 200 CONUSSOLD 44R Samuelsohn suit for a big guy P2P: 23 Waist: 22 Shoulder: 21 Arm Length: 25 with an inch extra inside. Length...
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