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I once used their recrafting service and was quite disappointed. It's worth the money to go with a place like B. Nelson in NY or Willie's in Los Angeles.
I'm planning to get a nice wallet soon. I know that the most important thing to do to care for it is not treat it as a filing cabinet. But I'm wondering if constantly keeping it in pant pocket (i.e, vs. in a suit jacket pocket) will wear it out faster?
Has anyone tried shots for allergies? If so, what was your experience? Were they successful?
The Alden Wingtip Blucher is available in tan and black. Does any store offer it in other colors (i.e., as a special makeup)?
I have a pair of never worn 10D whiskey shell cordovan long wingtip's I got a couple years ago from Alden of Carmel. I tried selling them on ebay a couple months ago for a small fortune (figuring they are impossible to get) but no bites.
It really depends on what looks good on you. What looks good on you might not look good on someone else.
I've been told by more than one person that, when doing squats, it is very important to keep your heels on the ground, even if this limits how far you can squat down (that is, you should not raise the heels). Why is keeping your heels on the ground so important when doing squats?
For Alden's, check out Carroll & Company in Beverly Hills. For Crockett & Jones, try Turnbull and Asser in Beverly Hills. I think Saks on Wilshire has a few Church's. I don't think you will find Grenson or Trickers in Los Angeles (but if I'm wrong, I'd love to know where). You can also get custom Edward Green's at the Polo store.
Quote: Originally Posted by mussel Isn't there's a 90 day limit to leave feedback? If I were to leave negative feedback I'd wait until the last minute. There should be softwares to let you do that just like those auction snipe programs. Nope - ebay knows of that trick. It's much longer than 90 days and the time isn't always consistent.
Very doubtful.
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