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I wish these were too man, I've been wanting to move them for awhile. I have no idea where you could find another pair though since I had to look really hard to find these awhile ago. I'd recommend just looking on forums often.
Offer whatever you think is appropriate because I know these aren't in the best condition. Comes with box and both sets of laces but only the black laces have been used. You pay shipping. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want any more pictures. Trying to get rid of these as soon as possible since I don't wear them. Make an offer. 175 shipped OBO
quick nub question: I have a pair of iron heart 301s that are starting to smell pretty raunchy. I don't want to straight up wash them yet, so I'm planning on just hot soaking them in the sink. so my question is whether I should add something like Bronner's to the water or if it should be cool without it. thanks.
i have a pair of iron heart 301s that ive been wearing for a while whats the best way wash them?
my english foxhound/shepherd mix, caius got him from the pound and hes just a big baby i always thought he had a really nice looking coat too despite him being a mutt
need somewhere to buy alternative apparel basic tees/ls tees/sweatshirts im tired of dealing with blankstyle/trendyblanks and all their unprofessional bullshit because literally every time i order they hold it up because something is out of stock
you already know what it is worn 10-15 times at most only flaw is the little rubber border on the heel box is unattached at the bottom but it should be an easy fix not firm on $300 so we can work from there
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Bakersfield sucks, or so I hear. I had a friend in HS who always trashed the place saying how there was nothing to do, so many rednecks and everyone just got high to while away the time. He may have been biased, but I can imagine there is some truth to it. this is pretty much true bakersfield is a shitty place
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