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That's true about the air forged oxfords. They feel snug on the shoulder but it actually doesn't hinder movement. I wore them and did a lot of strenuous activity that involved reaching, lifting, arm swinging, bending and it holds up quite well. Also, it is indeed quite sweat resistant. I wore an undershirt and sweat never showed. (in light blue)
Thanks for the reminder! I wore them out for dinner and some bar crawling on a warm night. I never felt sweaty so they're probably pretty breathable. I'll put them on and go do some jogging and report back ha ha. And thanks above for the heads up above henleys, I got 2 of them to try out!
On that note, how's that that outlier Henley? They are probably coming back anytime now and may pick one up. I got the air forged shirt and it's a more substantial, dressy feeling shirt than a cotton Oxford. I'll try it out for a day this weekend and report back.
I have both the OG and the ultralight blazers and I like them quite a bit! They have a good fit and drape nicely, very comfortable and have all the performance specs they are claimed to have. If you like the pants of the same fabrics at all you should be pleased with them.
images don't seem to work!
I have the riding jacket in medium and it fits true to size shoulder wise and is cut quite slim. Although like most of Nau's stuff the sleeves are long (to protect you from rain I think). Or maybe I just have short arms... I really like the riding jacket actually, it plays its various roles well: softshell, water-resistance, casual blazer, and buttoning the collar for the riding coat look and insulation is pretty effective as well. But the collar is soft and not stiff....
Hi I am looking for the men's Nau Transporter Blazer / Jacket. Please PM me if you have one you want to part with. Thanks!
I find that they fall apart quicker than regular converses too.
No problem. Thanks for the update!
Hi! What size is the J.Crew utility jacket?
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