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Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Your schtick is played out. Find a new one. I might make all my posts about buttons now based on this alone. But considering the person that incited the original post wandered in, it was too timely to not point out. I simply love the fact most SF members can't pick even mall brand detailing out with a magnifying glass. I can't find the post off the top of my head bu I remember about a year ago...
Quote: Originally Posted by nonissue Can this thread become a pasta discussion? I think that would contribute more to the progress of this forum. I agree with the originator of the inability to determine plastic as versus metal buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic The buttons are terrible. The paint peels off quite easily. The cloth is just so-so, and the construction is not so great. The best thing about the shirt is the fit, which is quite good. The forum has proved the buttons don't matter since people can't even spot plastic vs metal. And I love the fact the paint fades. Shit, even my painted CvsF buttons fade. I'm not sure how you want painted metal not to...
Both my shirts are metal buttons. The white paint is even wearing off my blue chambray buttons. I can't speak for 100% of the shirts but I suspect they are all metal. But yeah if you find a MoP snap button chambray, let me know, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel OOO.. I wish you hadn't mentioned the buttons. I was thinking about those last night and how much it would cost to get them replaced with some MoP or similar... They feel like they'll eventually snap in half. They are metal buttons. Pretty sure they aren't going to snap in half. It's funny how people want period/elevated details but then can't notice them on common stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol thats me irl I assume you mean She-Ra.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Yeah, I was gonna say, it's not a shirt I'd wear to camp like the J Crew flannel. Still pretty nice though. Gap is coming around very slowly. Yeah it's headed in the right direction. I think they still need to shake off the 40 and 50 something women clinging to the brand who are dragging the style down. A brand this big is never going to be as niche as even J. Crew can be. However the Jean relaunch...
There is an ELC submission on the front page of notcouture right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 I tried on both of those and liked the black/white better. The fit is pretty good, but it's SO damn thin, and at $50, it makes the $70 J Crew flannels seem like a bargain. I do have a 20% off receipt though, and will probably pick it up. I just looked it up and apparently it's not flannel which is why it's so thin. It's a gauze. I would assume it's $49 as opposed to the normal $39 or $44 because of all...
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Can you post up a picture of the grey chambray? I haven't seen it at my local gap. Where did you see it in Canada (I'm in Canada also)? I'm not in canada. I asked if he was since he was so out of whack on the pricing. but yeah I will try to remember to snap a picture of my gray. Gap calls it light blue chambray but by all defintions it's gray.
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