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Claimed! Thanks. Got a vest I been eyeing all winter.
Does anyone have experience with the McNairy boots/shoes? How are they running size-wise? If I wear an 8 in the Barrie would I want UK7 or UK7.5? thanks, dz
Thanks all!
Hey guys, I recently bought the Weller/Walt navy suit and would like some fit feedback. There are two small issues that bug me. Sleeve length - it seems a little short here, maybe only by 1/2" ? Chest fit - fits pretty well at a relaxed position. However when I move my shoulders back at all the lapel will pooch out a tad. Is this pooching common or indicative of too much fabric in the chest? Is there a simple alteration to address? Thanks in advance.
haha yes. nice pairing on the paisley.
Quote: Originally Posted by gastarbeider a paradigm moment in contemporary history, and you're focusing on a jacket? "watershed moment" is probably a better phrase. Quote: Originally Posted by james_timothy New around here, are we? Welcome to SF. haha, exactly
Holocene's good for a dance party if you like that sort of thing.
Pretty damn well. I have plenty of $ but hold it very tightly... Otherwise I would not have plenty of $. I have a process where at each step every prospective cop might be aborted or stalled. At first we have the incubation phase. This can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 years. - discovery (sf.net, all the stupid blogs I read, music videos/movies, street) - admiration (appreciating the item from afar) - desire (wanting the item for myself) even if the item is a...
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