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Want to purchase a pair of apc ns 30's.
Im trying to grab some apc ns 30's. Preferably indigo or maybe lighter. I have a pair of apc ns white 31's that I will trade. or pm me here. Budget depends on the state of use and such
I have a pair of white NS 31's that ill trade you for the indigo 30's.
just bought these, hoping for the best. thoughts? also can any of yall spot the make of these particular glasses
measurements on the new standards?
do you have a fit pic of the apcs? how do they stretch compared to new standards
ill take the black hightops
sent you pm about the chinos
45 shipped on jeans.
would you run into any problems hemming the N&F's again? have never personally hemmed before. if not I can offer you $45 shipped.
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