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 It's probably on September IIRC
 Did they have any good matching suits? I heard that they are moving to other suite in coming days, wonder if they're moving to bigger store..
I need to order Darlton, is there any way I could grab at discount right now or do I really have to wait for next sale?
 Any jeans left?
I got some dress shirts and all of my stuffs are on sale right now.   PM me for additional 10% off.     NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label Spread Collar Italy Solid Yellow Dress Shirt 16.5         25% Off $111.75 $149.00 Free shipping Listed:Jun-14 10:07 NWT Ralph Lauren Black Label Spread Collar Italy Blue Dress Shirt...
So who kopped that jordan retro? lol
 Maybe so. But seriously, I don't know why manufacturer would change the leather when there's not significant change.
 My favorites. What's the wash name on the third one?
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