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Does anyone know if stores still have sale items?
 They still have them?
 That leather back patch looks kinda small compared to other jeans.
wow   $30 for RLPL is dirt cheap
So this was in the big Polo store that sells Polo outlet craps?I thought they had luxury apparel store in Woodbury.If you ever been to the luxury RL apparel store in Woodbury, do you know what they have now? Thanks in advance
exactly. I didn't ask about their Italy line though, they seem to have only those HF made ones.
Finally got to see some HF made suits at the store.   Overall quality is great but style felts kinda like Hickey line. and most of them were single vented...... I miss Corneliani made suits already..
Having a 30% off sale!     Shipping to 92833, USA   NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL Solid Khaki Button Front Work Shirt S $62.30 30% Off $89.00 Listed:Jul-10...
 Do you know if they stil have them?
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