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Did you buy anything?
One time I bought a bowery boots at Polo outlet. Size was 11 so I wanted to exchange it to size 9 so I called the RRL store and asked them saying "Hey, I bought this boots but turns out to be these run too big on my feet and I need size 9" and couple days later they called me "Hey, we just got it in from W. Broadway store and come here to exchange it" and they exchanged with no questions asked.   I don't know if it is going to work now but you can try at least.
 How do you make nothing out of this? 
I heard that RL is running 65% off for full price items for their employees right now.
They rarely do 75% off. But when they do, most of the good stuffs and good sizes are gone so I would just grab if there's something that fits me.   You just gotta call every week to find out what kind of deals they have. Good luck.
 Yeap. At least 6 months.
The one from last season? It won't hit the outlet unless RL warehouse is out of space.
I just noticed that they released their tailoring line on website.   I guess the reason why is that they always have a lot of RRL tailored clothing left over every season.
 Which one?
 They will either go everyday or maybe know someone who works at the store or something. Or maybe they made a deal with a store manager.
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