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 I think it was straight leg but didn't really look into. If you are in the area, just hit the store and see what's it looks like.
 I didn't see any suits in 36. All the RRL suitings aren't sold as sets. They sell jacket, vest, pants all separate so it was very hard to match the size. And it is 75% off of the lowest ticket price.
I was at Woodbury yesterday morning for very short period of time, they did have that shorts in some sizes. I don't remember what sizes they had some.   Sale was 50% off of the lowest ticket price. There were still tons of stuffs left. Tons of shirts, sweaters, pants, and some jeans.   They didn't have any blue denims but they did have some cream jeans.   They did have some RRL suitings at 75% off but they run really small.   The accessory store had bunch of bags,...
Not all of them.Some seasonal washes are still using Japanses denim and they do Limited Edition stuffs with Japanese denim too.They changed most of their Core items to Cone denim and while some stores and some of them might be in the warehouse but I believe 95% of the stocks are probably made out of Cone denim.But I heard that Cone denim for RRL jeans are exclusively made just for them but I don't know other difference other than weight.
 Those are some old stuff
Yeah. I remember last year, He listed an ass tons of those jeans.That guy must have some connection with the manager or something.
Holy shit. That's how they do the business? Why would the store want to do 75% off just for one day?
Vest sounds awesome. Photos?
Did you buy anything?
One time I bought a bowery boots at Polo outlet. Size was 11 so I wanted to exchange it to size 9 so I called the RRL store and asked them saying "Hey, I bought this boots but turns out to be these run too big on my feet and I need size 9" and couple days later they called me "Hey, we just got it in from W. Broadway store and come here to exchange it" and they exchanged with no questions asked.   I don't know if it is going to work now but you can try at least.
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