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 Yeap. At least 6 months.
The one from last season? It won't hit the outlet unless RL warehouse is out of space.
I just noticed that they released their tailoring line on website.   I guess the reason why is that they always have a lot of RRL tailored clothing left over every season.
 Which one?
 They will either go everyday or maybe know someone who works at the store or something. Or maybe they made a deal with a store manager.
I wonder how they still have those stuffs from couple years back. I remember those yellow aviator jackets and those bucklebacks from two years back at outlets. 75% off happens probably once in a year or something and usually store is empty when they do have one. Goldlabelny will bring his friends and family to wipe out the store once 75% starts.
You get like sale and their shipment info?
You're going to need the code to show them.
You can check out the mall website to see if there's any coupon.
 He's not kidding guys. I remember I paid like $1500 fine for going against B&S rules back in couple years ago.
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