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Finally got to see some HF made suits at the store.   Overall quality is great but style felts kinda like Hickey line. and most of them were single vented...... I miss Corneliani made suits already..
Having a 30% off sale!     Shipping to 92833, USA   NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL Solid Khaki Button Front Work Shirt S $62.30 30% Off $89.00 Listed:Jul-10...
 Do you know if they stil have them?
 Really like the denim wallet.
MY store is having 25% off everything right now!   NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL Selvedge Slim Fit White Jeans 38 x 32         25% Off $111.75 $149.00 Free shipping Listed:Jun-29 17:57 NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL White Garment Dyed Officer Chino Pants 30 x 32         25% Off $81.75 $109.00 Free...
RL.com and stores are having 25% off the lowest ticket price.
 toothbrush works like a charm
 West Broadway.
 Definitely cheaper but not a lot.
Stopped by Melrose today... They still had ass tons of items that are on sale.
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