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http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/money/business/2014/05/05/hickey-freeman-polo-ralph-lauren-blue-label/8717085/   Before a throng of cheering Hickey Freeman Co.employees, company officials and Sen. Charles Schumer Monday announced a $1 million manufacturing deal with Polo Ralph Lauren and declared that there more such deals to come. "We're no longer interested in survival," saidStephen Granovsky, CEO of Toronto-based Grano Retail Holdings, which bought the...
If your inseam is 28 or 29, I would probably get them hemmed at about 31 or 31.5 just in case they shrink a bit after initial wash.   and roll em up.
It's totally random. They put out whenever they wan to put out.It used to be Thursday for me because that was when they usually get the shipments and put them out on the floor. But now they get their PSR shipments once a couple month, so I would just hit them whenever you can.I don't know if outlets have RRL now.
 True. They just seem to do whatever they want to do with their inventories. It's a totally standalone store not like other Polo outlets.
But, I wonder if they have tons of stocks in the back, why would they still keep the discount at only 50% off? To maximize their profit? In business, profit is important but cash flow is also very important. I guess they are doing fine with RRL at 50% off.
 It's probably because they don't want to deal with reseller or they just don't know.Sales associates change very frequently so they might not know when they actually got the shipments in.You just gotta stop by often to see if they have anything good. One thing strange is I thought they put out all the stuffs they received from the back but they hoard their inventories in the back and fill it with new stuffs when they think it's empty.
 They don't really know when they are getting the shipment.And for Woodbury RL Stores, they are fulfilled by their own warehouse in New Windsor, NY not by Greensboro, NC facility. They haven't received any shipments for months if I remember correctly.
I thought Slim Bootcut Once-Washed was included in this sale? Or is it store only?
 I don't think they have the same sale as we do here.
Is this mark down temporary? or is there another mark down on top of this in near future?
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