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I am thinking that some RL stores might start carrying RRL.    Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia is not on the current store list.  
I thought Labor Day sale was the last call. Any stores carry sale items right now?
Anybody know the stock level at Woodbury?   I haven't been there since Feb. 
They pulled off all Corneliani made suits and sport coats because manufacturer has been changed to Hickey Freeman.
 Stores don't send their left overs directly to outlets. Full retail stores and factory outlet divisions are completely different division. Anyway, unless it's from someone executive level, I don't buy it.
Does anyone know if stores still have sale items?
 They still have them?
 That leather back patch looks kinda small compared to other jeans.
wow   $30 for RLPL is dirt cheap
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