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Some jeans are on sale!       NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL Selvedge Rigid Raw Slim Straight Jeans 32 x 32 $192.00 20% Off $240.00 Listed:Jun-17...
We're having a clearance sale.   I don't know if there is a limit to post on this thread, but If I am mistakenly doing it wrong, Please let me know mods.       NWT Ralph Lauren RRL DOUBLE RL Slim Fit Raw Rigid Selvedge Jeans 34 x 32         20% Off $192.00 $240.00 Free shipping Listed:Jun-20 11:57 NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Men's 100% Cashmere Yellow Sweater Cardigan...
So...   PSR store in Woodbury is closed I heard?
holy shit
I don't believe they have narrow fittings.
Where at?
 They just added some new stuffs for sale... I checked the Melrose store today and about 95% of the stores were filled with sale items.
 What's up with the color code? It says Midland wash and the color is stillwater?
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