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Anybody know how to sign up for corporate account? I had them like 5 years ago... But lost it 
Woodbury had great selections of Black Labels but they are only 50% off
  I would like to know this as well.
Sale is not bad actually.   Melrose has great selections on some core items. I saw a Jap reseller buying a lot of core items and calling his friends or something. LOL
Thanks guys! 
 Last year I was in SF Fillmore store and SA told me all RL stores will change the labels they carry. It's probably demographic. It's not like RL is discontinuing RRL or anything, they will try new things to keep the brand image fresh as possible. And RL is launching Polo women and Polo Sports so they want to rearrange their labels and everything.
RRL Nolita is closing soon.
 You probably buy and return too many times and RL flagged you or your credit card. Call them or go for a chargeback.
 Definitely miss those Incotex/Mabitex days.
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