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Interesting article on how you dress and the treatment you will receive. https://shine.yahoo.com/fashion/went-luxury-stores-wearing-sweatpants-see-id-better-232400129.html
Don't know anything about their quality. But here is what their website says. You can look at the photos to see how the clothes fit. "GEMELLI is an international brand, founded in 1998 to dress the modern, jet setting business traveler. Headquartered on world renowned Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, we're best known for our dress shirts, and signature “Gemelli Fit,” incorporating a streamlined measuring system and great attention to...
15% off select items with Yooxman15
Since the 80s
But, but, but, I thought SFers like all things Napoli.
Huh? I missed the memo, because I just bought one.
If Yoox wants to lower their return rate, they should do a better job with product descriptions and shipping errors. Quite a number of my returns were because of that. For example: an Attolini suit was ordered but a Borrelli Luxury Vintage was shipped instead. A suit marked as cashmere was actually a suit with a Loro Piana fabric label which clearly stated it was made of wool. A pair of shoes described as large-sized was actually TTS Suits and S.C. are never specified...
They are made in-house.
^^ Excellent information. Thanks, Marcodalondra.
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