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^^ McQueen died a number of years ago.
Very nice. Looking forward to more designs.
If I buy now, do I get a second set free? And will the shipping and handling be waived?BTW, what are you selling again?
Please post pictures, as I am interested.
^^^All that noise in the background I assume are recorded sales pitch? Taipei was like that when I was there some years ago.
Do people in China actually buy these shit?
+1 on Lino (somehow I always imagine he has bad breath) and Lapo. Luca is not so much tacky as too flamboyant.
Brands have different models that are cut very differently. So don't buy a suit on line if you are unsure which suit-maker's model fits you best as some e-tailers only offer store credit instead of a refund. Go to a regular store and try on the suits you mentioned and see how they look on you. BTW, taking in at the waist is a minor tailoring job and it won't affect the handwork at all.
Navy cotton or linen sport coat, pale blue shirt sans tie, khakis.
White linen suit with navy silk knit tie. Top it off with a straw hat.
New Posts  All Forums: