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Many other forum members have similar experiences. Now that people are warned, those who still order from Ambrosi are either suckers or masochists.
^^ Wolverine and wolfman -- the weirdo duo.
Thanks. I have some RTW shirts from them and they seem well-made.
Do they make the Rubinacci RTW shirts as well?
If it is true, I have not noticed. But then I don't pay too much attention on minute details.
Those jeans are ruined alright. But why wear them to a doctor's exam room? Even the best surgeon won't be able to fix them.
Go to the suit hierarchy link Skip to the last pages where somewhat a consensus has been reached.Also, lose the pocket square and tie bar at a job interview.
^^ I am unable to view the jacket because the LP website will not load the picture. Of the cashmere S.C. and jackets that I own, one S.C. was purchased some 8 years or so ago, as was a deerskin leather jacket lined in cashmere, another S. C. about 3-4 years ago, and a windbreaker reversible to cashmere last year (which I have worn only a couple of times with the cashmere facing inside.) None of cashmere goes out of shape or pills -- and I am not delicate with my...
Armani does not make such gaudy monstrosities -- cheap fabric, ghetto pattern, hideous design, etc.
A very obvious fake.
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