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I was referring to Itsstillmatt's photos
Well said. I applaud his bravery in presenting his valid view point that is contrary to group-think fawners who insist the emperors of SF have beautiful new clothes.
Dog shit fit? No.Overwhelmingly unremarkable for such expensive bespoke items? Yes.
There are no bad inches. Now if you are talking about bad itches, then those are entirely different.
I grow several inches all the time ---- a part of me does anyway.
My observation as well.
He is having a difficult time commissioning a tiara that would fit his over-sized head.
I'm a simple man, so let me see if I understand this thread: Foo: mine's the best Yours will be inferior My words are the gospel Yours are drivel, so shut up already I have 11 Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Manton: I WON! Hic, YOU ARE ALL FUCKING MORONS.. Hic
That's what I plan to do next week as well.
Yeah, calling his customer a midget when he himself is no taller than a gnome is comical.
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