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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo If I let this go, without making my point to Linda and her company, then she doesn't learn a lesson and does this again, right? Oh, she and her company learned a lesson alright. If you took up her offer for a full refund, she would have to re-sell the 4-month-old bag at a loss. Moreover, she had to deal with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by elliottchow Just curious what are people's thoughts on zegna shirting fabrics? Are all the pretty decent quality? They are very good. But the shirts do not pattern-match at the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan In my shrewd readings of teh forumz I have registered a slight biaz towards teh blackness (very astute of me, I know.) Leaving daytime CBD out of it, would you wear a black sports jacket for evening/night time socializing? How would you like such a jacket to be made up - fabric, color of buttons - to distinguish it from an orphaned suit jacket? What would you pair it with? (There will of course be bonus...
Robert Talbott 7-folds are unlined. So both the OP's and Heliox's ties are the real deals. To maintain exclusiveness, RT only makes 40 ties in any given 7-fold design. So Heli0x's tie is number 23 out of a lot of 40.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Or one of those Louis Vuitton Presidents. That has got to be the most hideous and gaudy briefcase. Any man caught carrying it ought to have his ass kicked.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinouspleasure admit it AB, you are a shll for saddleback! There's no such thing as bad publicity, eh? Frankly, I am half tempted to buy one just to see how good or bad it is. I then can start a new thread with my review on the product and kick start another fire storm.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrBon If you see a power person wearing a suit or blue blazer, you probably assume the apparel cost big money, you would never think he's wearing a 150-300 blue blazer. To the untrained eyes maybe.
Hmm, everything one needs to know one can learn from Hollywood, huh? Do you seriously believe that ALL businesses are unethical? Given a choice, I will always patronize the more ethical and honest vendor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard You're as predictable as you are dense, big guy. Let me break it down for you: when I say that shadiness in advertising and poor quality are typically correlated, what I mean is that companies who feel the need to shill and deceive in their marketing are usually trying to hide something. Since Saddleback was caught red-handed in its shilling, I think my point was justified. I said absolutely nothing about...
I didn't expect the amount of controversy my posting of the Ask Andy thread would generate. Certainly, there are some alarming issues on the quality of the saddleback bag, as well as touting by possible shills. But there also seems to be a number of people who genuinely like the product. As I do not have such a bag, I can't speak on its quality. My intention was/is for the OP to consider what some owners of said bags have to say and not just rely on...
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