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Quote: Originally Posted by mjHession This one is for some laughs, as well as some advice. I recently decided I wanted to find a better tailor in my area (30 min north of Philly). I find about this guy Joe Centofani, he seems to be regarded as the best around here on SF, so I go in there and I think it's his daughter who probably about mid 40's, tells me im too young to be this big (im 24 and wear a 48r). I told her that i have lost some weight a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos He lives with his mum, he should STFU about mortgage calculators.
[quote=apropos;2553898]If this is true, what a wanker. dr.no, Yeah, what an asshole. BTW, is Tarmac a friend of dr.no?
Stunning shoes. And thanks for the great pix.
Quote: Originally Posted by GucciKid I was at the Lobb factory in August and was very impressed. There were a ton of shoes there, though not too many boots, in a wide range of sizes and colours. The best part was that nothing was over $450-500 US. Definitely a must visit. C&J on the other hand was fairly disappointing. Not much of a selection and the handgrades they had on offer were only about $50 cheaper than in stores, and they definitely looked...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance The price range at Lobb was GBP 270 for JL 2008s (or any other vintage year available), GBP 250 for any shoe from 2008 catalog, and GBP 220 for everything else. I'll be honest, I didnt really look to closely at what was available in your size. They certainly had a shelf full of boxes in that size, but I couldnt tell you what was in there. My recollection is that most of the prestige shoes available were smaller...
Thanks for your post, it is very informative. What is the price range for the Lobb shoes? Were they well stocked with size 8D US (size 7 UK). Were the styles from their recent collections? Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by tjchung I've been drooling over the Barbour print catalog that I picked up as I bought my Lumely. So far, the quilted jackets aren't doing anything for me. Maybe because as a Korean of the older generation, I have a nightmarish image of millions of Chinese soldiers in quilted uniforms rushing south in human waves. The Beaufort is certainly an interesting item. I wonder if it can substitute for a winter coat with enough...
Try on a Beaufort. It comes with a detachable hood for the rainy days when you don't feel like carrying an umbrella.
I can't believe I read all 35 pages!
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