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Hmm, everything one needs to know one can learn from Hollywood, huh? Do you seriously believe that ALL businesses are unethical? Given a choice, I will always patronize the more ethical and honest vendor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard You're as predictable as you are dense, big guy. Let me break it down for you: when I say that shadiness in advertising and poor quality are typically correlated, what I mean is that companies who feel the need to shill and deceive in their marketing are usually trying to hide something. Since Saddleback was caught red-handed in its shilling, I think my point was justified. I said absolutely nothing about...
I didn't expect the amount of controversy my posting of the Ask Andy thread would generate. Certainly, there are some alarming issues on the quality of the saddleback bag, as well as touting by possible shills. But there also seems to be a number of people who genuinely like the product. As I do not have such a bag, I can't speak on its quality. My intention was/is for the OP to consider what some owners of said bags have to say and not just rely on...
Anyone considering saddleback should first read this thread: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...ght=saddleback
The horror...the horror
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Matt, honestly, it's like your tailor saying "hey Matt, you're really fucking short" after he's done with you and has measured/pinned/fitted you. You're on your way out and he says "hey Matt, you're still short! Your clothing, the expensive ass shit you just bought? Yeah, that would look better if you were 6'2". Have a good one, bud!" Sure, saying "you could stand to lose a few pounds" while getting measured or...
Quote: Originally Posted by binge That's just my day job. But isn't competition eating a 24hr. job?
For the result to be valid, a poll has to be scientific. You cannot poll the opinions of those here on the forum and extrapolate the data to represent the overall population. For one, SFers are over-whelmingly male. Two, we are clothes horses who spend much more of our disposable income on clothes than the average Joe. Three, we are much more knowledgeable about clothes and therefore less gullible to designer hypes and fads. Finally, you don't need to poll...
Quote: Originally Posted by binge I provide universal access to all knowledge...for free. And I always thought either SF get together organizer or competition eater.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy who the F would send Sam a hate mail??? can't take a joke??!! +1. Whoever he is, he has no sense of humor, or the guts to post the hateful comment on this thread instead of sending a sneaky PM. I am sure 99.9999% of us here love your pix, Mr. Sam.
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