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Give these guys a break. They are trying to make things right and are already starting to do so by all appearances. Wild speculations about Andy and Alex have secret interest in CF is just laughable.
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Well, off of the advice of the forum, I did not buy this one. And bought this one. Hopefully, the $15 extra for the NM version will be well spent. You will like your Marcus sport coat, it is much better made than a Polo.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcriswel I would bet that the fabric and construction of a Neiman's private label jacket would be superior to Polo Blue label. Absolutely.
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Did a search, couldn't find the answer. No other tags to give away the maker. In the past, and I am talking about at least 10-15 years ago, Martin Greenfield and Belvest both made suits/sport coats for Neimans.
I may be wrong, but I don't think yours is authentic. I had a wallet like the one pictured but without the I.D. slot. Also, the poor stitching is another tipoff. I tossed mine after many years of use so I can't use it to compare. But I did dig out the box for my pen and found the lettering to be slightly different from those on your box. Also, the word "Paris" is missing under the word "Cartier" on your box. If you search for Cartier on Ebay, there are many, many...
The sleeve length is perfect, but the body does appear a bit short. What is the measurement? Your picture aroused my curiosity, so I measured mine, the classic one is 31" from the bottom of the collar, the feather-weight one I bought this past summer is 32", and a summer one which I also bought from STP is 33". So yours should fall within this range.
Quote: Originally Posted by ricotta i'm just wondering what people normally do when they have something tailor-made and it doesn't quite work out. i had a bespoke suit made some time ago which, after several wearings (unfortunately), i've decided i'm not happy with. the flaws, as i see them are: (i) heavy shoulder padding (ii) low gorge (iii) large armhole (iv) pants are too narrow These are not flaws, they are characteristics of a...
Moo has a soul?
For you? Why, tweed, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Both buyer and seller seem pretty straightforward and honest. I've dealt with and bought from Mike before. I think his google checkout policy answers the question. Buyer is entitled to 100% refund of the item. I'll be watching this thread and determining future purchases by the outcome. Regards. +1. View count on this thread is already over 1K. The longer this matter remains unresolved, the bigger the...
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