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Moo has a soul?
For you? Why, tweed, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips Both buyer and seller seem pretty straightforward and honest. I've dealt with and bought from Mike before. I think his google checkout policy answers the question. Buyer is entitled to 100% refund of the item. I'll be watching this thread and determining future purchases by the outcome. Regards. +1. View count on this thread is already over 1K. The longer this matter remains unresolved, the bigger the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dob Don't mean to keep dwelling on this but it would be really interesting to see if SamSpade ever turns up again. He made some negative criticism about the MW Traveler bag that again, sound awful similar to the statements made by Saddleback about having snaps on bags. "Sam" said he had seen the MW bag in person but after making his post seemed to disappear back into the woodwork, never to be heard from even after several...
Quote: Originally Posted by heffy I just bought a Coffee Brown Saddleback Briefcase in Large for myself.. can't wait for it to get here Hopefully their quality control has improved.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS ^^^You could become a phoenix rising from the ashes ... but who knows what sound the phoenix makes ... so how about ... Bad Moon Rising Clever. When the bad moon is out, the weremoolf will arisen. Will he be as combative as ever? It will be a moot point unless he mooves along and posts his 5000 for us to read.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guero Wow, I didn't realize Hispanic women were inferior. Funny, I'll have to tell my Hispanic wife who is, by all accounts, stunning and had her Ph.D. from a top ten graduate program by the age of 26, that she is inferior. Now that I think of it, I'll have to tell my mother who came from nothing and worked her way through college while providing me the opportunity to go to fancy private schools that she, too, is inferior. ...
I read that he wore Ralph Lauren during the 80s.
Quote: Originally Posted by cwh812 $500 is my price. Willing to travel within a 10 mile radius of midtown Manhattan. Prefer closet owner to be a size 38R (48EU) with an abundance of RLPL, Kiton or Cucinelli. Might be willing to drop the price depending upon how much good quality stuff you have. Your closet will be spotless when I am through. You supply cleaning equipment. This is hiliarious. Why didn't more people think of this...
How many fitting did you have? Did you tell your tailor the waist was too tight during any of those fittings? A competent tailor would always leave enough fabric in the waist band for letting out. So he may be at fault. On the other hand, did you gain weight during the time the suit was being made?
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