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Also, if one wants vicuna, Kiton is the only one that makes S.C. with that fabric AFAIK.
The lining, label and manufacturer tags all suggest that this is real. If you want to be extra sure, check to see if the button holes are hand sewn. Fakes rarely spend the money on hand sewn button holes.
The last time I handled a Valentino suit, which was about 2 years ago at SFA, it was made in some Eastern European country. Both workmanship and fabric were unremarkable.
Very nice LP sport coat. The back does need some tailoring. By take in the excess fabrics and let out a bit at the waist, the back side should drape more nicely.
Some provocateurs are no longer posting.
L.P. outerwear really are superb and deserving of their premium prices. Likewise for their sport coats. Sweaters and scarves are quite good but not as great. I don't have their pants or shirts because I failed to see anything special about them.
Excess fabric from shoulder blades to armpits.
Lacoste has better material.
Spectators and tassel loafers for the more formal ones.Espadrilles and plain slip-ons for the more casual ones.
Try Barba, Truzzi and Fray.
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