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Or in an alternate universe known as the Matrix.
For entertainment value, Hermes Man + Thrift Vader =
What is more brilliant than LV monogram on patent leather is LV monogram tats. One's forehead is the obvious place.
FAM's have "fatte a mano" written on the insole (see the first picture of the shoe posted by mosy.) Regular Santoni's do not (second shoe picture.)
Santoni's are TTS, Santoni FAM's are 1/2 larger, so sized down by 1/2.
LP sells vicuna cloth, I wasn't aware that they make S.C. with it. As for vicuna S.C made by Brioni, Caruso and Lanvin, I have not seen those in stores. The 2 vicuna (blended with cashmere) S.C. that I own are both Kiton.
Also, if one wants vicuna, Kiton is the only one that makes S.C. with that fabric AFAIK.
The lining, label and manufacturer tags all suggest that this is real. If you want to be extra sure, check to see if the button holes are hand sewn. Fakes rarely spend the money on hand sewn button holes.
The last time I handled a Valentino suit, which was about 2 years ago at SFA, it was made in some Eastern European country. Both workmanship and fabric were unremarkable.
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