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Did you buy dress shirts or nightshirts?
There is no deception. You got what you ordered. Don't blame others for your ignorance of what a seersucker is.
^^ He works even harder in taking people's money.
To be a liberal's darling, she has to be a black, transgender, handicapped -- excuse me, physically-challenged, undocumented lesbian.
It is difficult to make recommendations without knowing your budget and preferred cut (silhouette) of the sport coat. This link is very informative on the quality and workmanship of various brands. http://www.styleforum.net/t/140387/the-styleforum-working-hierarchical-suit-quality-list-sfwhsql
Europeans are more dressy than Americans. So linen pants, khakis wore with polo tees or linen shirts are recommended. Shorts will be appropriate on the cruise but not in some Italian churches. I always travel with at least one sport coat. It will come in handy for evening functions. So bring along a linen or tropical wool unlined S.C. A collapsible Panama hat will add a dash of style in addition to shielding you from the hot Southern European sun. Have fun.
WB has always been diversified. In the past, they carried Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyaki, Jean Paul Gaultier, along with Kiton, Barbera, and Brioni, etc.
Can't comment on Dunhill, but Dupont leather goods are of very high quality.
As I have said before, even more brilliant if the logo is tattooed on the forehead. Hermes Man is DA MAN!
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