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When did Hermes Man supplant ?
Good one!
And they are made in China
No, that's not her. I asked for Eva when I went into the original store and the younger saleslady said she was not avialable that day. She then escorted me to the new store where the older one works at.
As I already have several pairs of gator/croc shoes (not Vass) I wanted the wingtip in burgundy shell or calf. But they had very few burgundy shoes in stock.Perhaps my experience is atypical, but prior to my trip, I emailed them and received prompt and friendly response.
Unfortunately they didn't have what I wanted in stock. I am still debating whether to special order or not.
The S.A. did inform me of that and suggested that I email them with an order. She was very helpful and personally escorted me from their tiny original store to their new one. Once there, she asked the staff to show me whatever shoes they have in my size. Unfortunately the selection was very limited.The U last shoes I tried on fitted differently even though they were marked the same size (I understand Vass has size-inconsistency problems.) This is why I haven't decided...
Yes, that's their new store, which is several doors down from their original one. Was there earlier this month but they did not have the shoes in the style, color and last that I wanted. Left empty handed.
Criminal organization in Naples. They pretty much run the city.Watch Gomorrah on Netflix if you want to know more.
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