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Here ya go:Kiton suit. Attolini shirt. Charvet tie. Pavone p.s.
Partenopea has really gone down-market with their recent collections. No edge stitching so I don't think they are even hand finished. I would place them below Zegna and Corneliani. FWIW, their prices have also gone down. I would also place Cesare Attolini above Kiton which should be above Brioni. C. A.'s trousers are works of art --button flies with hand-made button holes; pattern matching at both inside and outside leg seams. With the recent purchase of Brioni by...
A checked shirt needs a solid tie. Also, I understand your reason for short sleeve shirts, but wearing one with a tie do not cut it in the business world, or in a formal setting.
Only if they ended up being each other's targeted demographic
Can't. Was he wearing black silk stocking on his left foot?
His gf's closet if he is straight. His mother's if he is not.
You certainly did. Limited vocabulary = limited mental capacity = easy picking.It is working. I just might try him when I need to topy my shoes.
His explanation...
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