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Only if they ended up being each other's targeted demographic
Can't. Was he wearing black silk stocking on his left foot?
His gf's closet if he is straight. His mother's if he is not.
You certainly did. Limited vocabulary = limited mental capacity = easy picking.It is working. I just might try him when I need to topy my shoes.
His explanation...
"Gentleman" is a term conferred upon by others, not self-proclaimed. And you, dude, are no gentleman."I'm a god damn fucking gentleman" -- the most oxymoronic statement of the year.I have never dealt with Nick because I do not live in NYC, but from what I've read on this thread, he is behaving admirably by putting up with someone like you.
When did Hermes Man supplant ?
Good one!
And they are made in China
No, that's not her. I asked for Eva when I went into the original store and the younger saleslady said she was not avialable that day. She then escorted me to the new store where the older one works at.
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