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Always check the pinned Buyer and Seller Feedback thread before making a purchase on B&S.
Check out the Italian film Gomorrah, it is available on DVD.
Corneliani doesn't sell for anywhere near $3 - 5k. Full retail is sub $2k
Mark down has occured. Use "winterstyle@yoox" for additional 10% off. Picked up a couple of Kiton tie for $85 total. Somebody beat me to the suit I had in my dream box though.
Nevermind him, Nick. By asking about the founders and Nick Horween himself, you've humanized the story -- which made it more interesting. The questions in your interview were well thought-out and informative. Had you asked highly technical questions, many SF'er might not understand, nor would they care. Thank you for doing this as a favor to the forum. Also, thank you Nick Horween for taking the time to do the interview. I enjoyed reading it, gentlemen
When KB's demise has not yet been ascertained, talks about getting his wardrobe with the intent to profit from it reflects real class.
You can telll him about this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/214746/rsss-day-with-jab-jos-a-bank
H&M: for I enjoy lining up and shivering in the cold all wintry night just so I can stampede through their doors when finally open and fight with fashionistas over cheaply made crap with a designer label. LV: strutting down the street in apparel and accessories splattered with logos gives me unimaginable pleasure. Honorable mention: prancing around town with a Hermes shopping bag. Hermes: it is an exhilarating awakening to be reminded that I have not yet arrived when...
Quote: Originally Posted by rjsphd Thanks for the headsup. What is it like dealing with threedifferent.com: accuracy returns, etc.? DO NOT BUY FROM Three Different. They are dishonest sellers. Last fall, I made the mistake of buying a Boglioli suit from them and they sent me a USED suit. The pants were already cuffed -- and at different lengths! The sewn pockets were opened, and the jacket sleeves showed signs of wear. The suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by yoshii he provides amusement (although not intentionally i would think), which makes life a little more...amusing In a clownish way, yes.
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