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^^ in case you missed it, here's another epic Moo threak http://www.styleforum.net/t/281525/americans
Why, thank you sir.How could you have read any of my posts when I am on your ignore list?
Professional necessity Personal gratification Appreciation for finer things in life Vanity
Your knowledge is impressive indeed.
In a true socialist/communist society, all SFers would be in re-education camps for clothes obsessions and decadent lifestyles
I would also suggest an old corduroy sport coat in olive or dark tan. Slightly rumpled cotton sport coat in navy should work well also.
Well said. I absolutely agree.
It's got a Bohemian vibe to it. The asymmetric pattern and color is reminiscent of what the Japanese designers like to do. Wear it with jeans and boots and it will look cool.
A very thoughtful and insightful post.
Always check the pinned Buyer and Seller Feedback thread before making a purchase on B&S.
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