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Quote: Originally Posted by rjsphd Thanks for the headsup. What is it like dealing with threedifferent.com: accuracy returns, etc.? DO NOT BUY FROM Three Different. They are dishonest sellers. Last fall, I made the mistake of buying a Boglioli suit from them and they sent me a USED suit. The pants were already cuffed -- and at different lengths! The sewn pockets were opened, and the jacket sleeves showed signs of wear. The suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by yoshii he provides amusement (although not intentionally i would think), which makes life a little more...amusing In a clownish way, yes.
He resigned.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The fabric tag looks like Kiton, as do the model numbers and junk on the other tag but I've never seen Kiton do a tag on cardboard like that and never seen that "made in Italy" thingy on Kiton either. Maybe Sartorio. No, it is not Kiton or Sartorio. Not Borrelli either.
Quote: Originally Posted by FranDCG Sources: Username GradSchooler expected to turn himself in on a warrant accusing him of the rape of SF-user Chrenetique "But she (Chrenetique) wanted it" GradSchooler's lawyer asserted.
Quote: Originally Posted by CJG_NYC A friend of mine's best friends' neighbor's uncle passed Sarkozy on the street the other day. He said he didnt set DSK up. I believe him, after all, he's innocent until proven guilty.
Before: god awful After: slight less so
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is always sad to see someone being banned but in some cases it is necessary... I have heard one or two tales of extreme stalking and that's not acceptable. There is a line in the sand we mustn't ever cross.... I absolutely agree. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I don't know why Spalla has been banned for example. Neither did he. Apparently he was given no warning...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Whatever happened to that costume designer Kozinn or something similiar to that? Don't know. I do notice that there have been more bans in recents months than before.
Okay, back to the topic, which is discussion about whether too much banning is detracting. I have been vague about the identities of the banned members and those whom I find hypocritical and cliquish because I want this to be a discussion on general terms, not particular individuals. Once names are named, fans and detractors will argue endlessly about that individual and derail the thread -- which is not my desire.
New Posts  All Forums: