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Are you saying that we can only post positive, fawning comments? If so, Foo is himself one of the most egregious violators. Make no mistake, I think his outfit is great. But his tie knot is too small.The comments from ass-kissers are sickening.Also, leave my mother out of this. Your post is revolting and reveals more about your sick mind than anything else.Finally, had I wanted more attention, I would had posted pix of me in this thread.
Absolutely. Frankly, the fact that so many SFers fawn over Foo just because of who he is is sickening.Much better. Good job.
You did well. If you want to add another suit, a light gray PoW or a solid beige/tan one would be nice.
Translation: I have no pictures to show because I am a shill, so I will go on the offensive instead.
Fedora looks good, but it doesn't go with jeans -- which is too tight btw. And please, don't pop the collar.
Very well actually.
Or Goodwill/Salvation Army price.
Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.A man is judged by the company he keeps.
My exact experience.
If you have dark hair: Black polo shirt. Ray Ban Wayfarer. White linen pants. Woven leather bet. Brown boat shoes. If you have light hair: Light blue or white polo shirt. Air force blue cotton pants. But size up on the jacket, and lose the hankie.
New Posts  All Forums: