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It is quite obvious debating skill and brand knowledge are not your strongest suits.
Please refrain from posting until you have learned to recognize rhetoric.
Well said.
Very nice tie. Thumbs up.
You have raised a good point. This is where " influential" comes in. Except for the fashionista, Slimane is an obscure name -- perhaps unknown to even some SFers. Yet his influence has a huge impact on the clothing industry.Accessibility is another important component in my definition of greatness. Kiton is inaccessible to many due to his price point and limited distribution channel. Thus, regardless of how well made are his suits, he can not rank higher than B.B. or...
RL deserves to be #1 if the ranking criterion is solely based on gross revenue, followed by the likes of Nike, Gap, Levis, Zara, and H&M. But if creativity, innovation, and influence are given more weight than the all mighty dollar in the definition of greatness, then RL does not even belong in the top ten. If this is a suit-centric list, my top 5 would be: 1) Savile Row (as an aggregate of the various storied tailor houses) -- The birthplace of the modern suit which is...
And from which P.R. article or autobiography did you gleam this?Interesting inference. Are you saying that ethnic-sounding surname should never be used? That it is something shameful and should be hidden from the public?FWIW, I have been assumed to be Jewish because of my pro-Israel stance.
How is it a criticism when I mentioned his birth name? Especially when it is necessary to do so in order to show his re-branding of himself is a brilliant marketing move?Perhaps you did not read some of my posts, or perhaps you have reading comprehension problems. In either case, see below.
Suit looks fine. You will want to wear darker socks though. White (?) or beige socks should not be paired with a blue suit.
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