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Respectfully disagree.Agree. And I do have those in my wardrobe. I miscontrued your suggestion of lighter pants to mean light color pants.
Very nice! But then I am not impartial since I have an outfit that looks very similar.
Has Lasbar posted his pair on this thread? His I really like.
Burgundy sport coat is peacock-y enough for me, hence the darker pants for subduing effect. Besides, I do not much care for light color pants except for Khakis and cream or white linen ones.
Old ones also say that.
Been a member for a while, but never drank the MC Kool-aid. I still dress the way I like -- classic style but with some flair.
First Kitonbrioni, now him. The plot thickens.
Very good craftsmanship -- but too flashy for my taste. What will you wear it with? Though not always in agreement with Alan Flusser, I do concur with his comment: "Cuff links with stones, even colored ones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, were traditionally frowned upon as day wear and usually reserved as black tie as part of a set of studs with matching links. In the light of day, such a display would still be considered somewhat ostentatious, although they...
Here's how I wear my burgundy/brick sport coatKiton sport coat. Dunhill shirt. Zegna tie. Leonard p.s.Not seen, charcoal Zanella flat front pants.Robert Talbott shirt. Charvet tie. Robert Talbott p.s. Luciano Barbera grayish brown pantsZegna ecru shirt. Zegna tie. Dunhill p.s. Brooks Brothers sage cords.BTW, the first photo shows the most accurate color of the sport coat.
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