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Arnault built his empire by buying Christian Dior which was near bankruptcy at the time.
A peahen will be envious of you.
I like. But how is it peacocky?
Respectfully disagree.Agree. And I do have those in my wardrobe. I miscontrued your suggestion of lighter pants to mean light color pants.
Very nice! But then I am not impartial since I have an outfit that looks very similar.
Has Lasbar posted his pair on this thread? His I really like.
Burgundy sport coat is peacock-y enough for me, hence the darker pants for subduing effect. Besides, I do not much care for light color pants except for Khakis and cream or white linen ones.
Old ones also say that.
Been a member for a while, but never drank the MC Kool-aid. I still dress the way I like -- classic style but with some flair.
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