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Don't think this is entirely true, as I have seen Neiman Marcus private label (unless they are rebranded Beggs) and Colombo scraves that have the same effect.
^^ They are navy, not dark brown, according to the check out page.
I kinda like it. Wear it with a ivory linen s.c., white shirt, khaki pants, cordovan penny loafers and a straw hat -- it would be a good summery look.
Hermes Man, you are equating price with quality and therein lies the problem of your fashion choices. Many designer clothings are actually poorly made yet sell for a high premium. For a good read, order Dana Thomas' insightful book "How Fashion Lost Its Luster."
^^ Did you read my post which is right before yours?
China is known for counterfeit clothing. Chinese suit wearers leave their sleeve labels on. Combine the two and have multiple fake designer labels from the sleeve opening going up to the shoulder.
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LOL. Well done.
Agnelli wore BB button downs.
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