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No recommendation on hotels. But if you go to Budapest, be sure to attend an opera (around 70 USD for the best seats) at the Hungarian Opera House which is smaller but more ornate than the Vienna one. You can also soak your traveler's weariness away at either the Gellert thermal bath or the one at the park.
Sycophants, start your engines... GO!
Arnault built his empire by buying Christian Dior which was near bankruptcy at the time.
A peahen will be envious of you.
I like. But how is it peacocky?
Respectfully disagree.Agree. And I do have those in my wardrobe. I miscontrued your suggestion of lighter pants to mean light color pants.
Very nice! But then I am not impartial since I have an outfit that looks very similar.
Has Lasbar posted his pair on this thread? His I really like.
Burgundy sport coat is peacock-y enough for me, hence the darker pants for subduing effect. Besides, I do not much care for light color pants except for Khakis and cream or white linen ones.
New Posts  All Forums: