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China is known for counterfeit clothing. Chinese suit wearers leave their sleeve labels on. Combine the two and have multiple fake designer labels from the sleeve opening going up to the shoulder.
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LOL. Well done.
Agnelli wore BB button downs.
Welcome Jeff. Please don't get discouraged by the negative comments and harsh words. As in all fora, there exists members who like to give new members a hard time.That said, you do need to reconsider your shoes choice, not due to the price. Rather, it is because nicer styles with better construction are available if you catch them on sale.
I hadn't realized that pointing out the obvious and responding to your posts are "wrong."Seriously, you didn't think unprovoked personal attacks are without consequences?But I am willing to drop this if you are.
Best post on this thread.I do believe RL belongs on the list, but no way, no how at number 1.
It is quite obvious debating skill and brand knowledge are not your strongest suits.
Please refrain from posting until you have learned to recognize rhetoric.
Well said.
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