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I would also suggest an old corduroy sport coat in olive or dark tan. Slightly rumpled cotton sport coat in navy should work well also.
Well said. I absolutely agree.
It's got a Bohemian vibe to it. The asymmetric pattern and color is reminiscent of what the Japanese designers like to do. Wear it with jeans and boots and it will look cool.
A very thoughtful and insightful post.
Always check the pinned Buyer and Seller Feedback thread before making a purchase on B&S.
Check out the Italian film Gomorrah, it is available on DVD.
Corneliani doesn't sell for anywhere near $3 - 5k. Full retail is sub $2k
Mark down has occured. Use "winterstyle@yoox" for additional 10% off. Picked up a couple of Kiton tie for $85 total. Somebody beat me to the suit I had in my dream box though.
Nevermind him, Nick. By asking about the founders and Nick Horween himself, you've humanized the story -- which made it more interesting. The questions in your interview were well thought-out and informative. Had you asked highly technical questions, many SF'er might not understand, nor would they care. Thank you for doing this as a favor to the forum. Also, thank you Nick Horween for taking the time to do the interview. I enjoyed reading it, gentlemen
When KB's demise has not yet been ascertained, talks about getting his wardrobe with the intent to profit from it reflects real class.
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