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Very well actually.
Or Goodwill/Salvation Army price.
Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.A man is judged by the company he keeps.
My exact experience.
If you have dark hair: Black polo shirt. Ray Ban Wayfarer. White linen pants. Woven leather bet. Brown boat shoes. If you have light hair: Light blue or white polo shirt. Air force blue cotton pants. But size up on the jacket, and lose the hankie.
If you are a conscientious and ethical store owner, will you associate with Ambrosi?
In keeping with the rapper/gangsta theme.... Label King was/is one of the O.G.s of S.F.
+1.After reading these posts, anyone who still orders from these crooks deserves to be fleeced.
No recommendation on hotels. But if you go to Budapest, be sure to attend an opera (around 70 USD for the best seats) at the Hungarian Opera House which is smaller but more ornate than the Vienna one. You can also soak your traveler's weariness away at either the Gellert thermal bath or the one at the park.
Sycophants, start your engines... GO!
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