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Very well said.
You must have confused me with someone else because I -- to the best of my recollection -- have never "slagging off Rubinacci". In fact, I was at their Naple's shop last Autumn. Just didn't feel it is worth announcing on SF.I post when I see something outrageous such as dishonest merchants mistreat/abuse/lie to their customers -- anything wrong with that? I wasn't planning to post anymore on the subject until you mentioned my name specifically.Whether I, or any other...
Thanks for your trust. In case there are doubters out there....
Every few years, I clean out my closet and drop off an arm-load of suits and sport coats to either Goodwill or Salvation Army. I know I can sell them on Ebay or here on Styfo, but I just don't have the time and inclination to do so.
Sadly, they no longer fit and I had donated them. If you want to see vicuna jackets, I did buy 2 OTR ones as replacement and I can post pictures of those.
I wanted a vicuna sport coat. While I was at it, I also commissioned a 3 piece charcoal gray wool suit and a 2 piece ivory tropical wool suit.
I had bespoke suits and sport coat made in the past, so it is very presumptuous for you to assert that I would never buy bespoke trousers in the first place. I am just fortunate to have a physique that many OTR items fit me to a T (except for sleeve lengths).BTW, congratulations on writing such fine PR posts. I hope you will be duly compensated by Ambrosi for that and for organizing his upcoming trunk show. You fully deserve it.
Did you buy dress shirts or nightshirts?
There is no deception. You got what you ordered. Don't blame others for your ignorance of what a seersucker is.
^^ He works even harder in taking people's money.
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