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There are no bad inches. Now if you are talking about bad itches, then those are entirely different.
I grow several inches all the time ---- a part of me does anyway.
My observation as well.
He is having a difficult time commissioning a tiara that would fit his over-sized head.
I'm a simple man, so let me see if I understand this thread: Foo: mine's the best Yours will be inferior My words are the gospel Yours are drivel, so shut up already I have 11 Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Manton: I WON! Hic, YOU ARE ALL FUCKING MORONS.. Hic
That's what I plan to do next week as well.
Yeah, calling his customer a midget when he himself is no taller than a gnome is comical.
Many other forum members have similar experiences. Now that people are warned, those who still order from Ambrosi are either suckers or masochists.
^^ Wolverine and wolfman -- the weirdo duo.
Thanks. I have some RTW shirts from them and they seem well-made.
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