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I've handled a Luigi Bianchi Mantova sport coat, both workmanship and material were very average -- definitely below Lardini.
Glad to know they are not as delicate as they look. The moths had expensive taste . You mother really came through for you though.
Diamante Blu 150s is produced exclusively for Kiton by a small weaver in England using old looms and presses. It is an ultra-light weight wool that, when made into a suit, wears very comfortably. It is delicate and I therefore wear mine only for more formal events. Kiton continues to make suits using this fabric. You don't see many due to the English weaver's production capability and also the price point which is high even for Kiton.
Excellent post. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
+1Both my Loro Piana.suede jacket -- which is not lined in cashmere -- and my deer-skin jacket which is, are quite nice. L.P. makes very good outerwear.
If one is willing to organize a trunk show and shill for them, one may get a discount.
Very elegant.
To check out the veiled Christ statue
After having eaten many pizzas in Italy without knive and fork, including Sorbillo in Napoli, I now realized that I, along with all the other Neapolitan diners there, was being uncouth.BTW, your hat is too big for your head.
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