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Excellent post. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
+1Both my Loro Piana.suede jacket -- which is not lined in cashmere -- and my deer-skin jacket which is, are quite nice. L.P. makes very good outerwear.
If one is willing to organize a trunk show and shill for them, one may get a discount.
Very elegant.
To check out the veiled Christ statue
After having eaten many pizzas in Italy without knive and fork, including Sorbillo in Napoli, I now realized that I, along with all the other Neapolitan diners there, was being uncouth.BTW, your hat is too big for your head.
"I can see that you do not like being called negative" Do you? Does anyone? Especially when you baselessly asserted that I "revel in negativity"? My valid criticism of SA"s lack of business ethics and his outrageous personal conducts is considered "negative" in your book? But it is not just about being "called negative", DWW falsely accused me of gossiping which is libel. "your "sincere opinion" were mocking and insulting" If you are against mocking and insulting, why...
I posted in response to DWW's comment: "I also think there are a lot of people who come into this thread to shit it up or to revel in gossip (Journeyman, Jensen, and others). They'll say things like they'll never buy from such a dishonest person, but they were never going to buy bespoke trousers in the first place -- so that kind of comment just adds to this sort of crazy, negative, pile-on that happens in this thread." (Italic added)Not knowing anything about me, my...
So people who expresses their sincere opinions are reveling in negativity? That only praises are allowed on Styfo because anything critical -- even when factual -- are "piling on"?You cited one -- count it, one -- comment I posted about a less than ideal fit and one comment about a senior member's crabbiness, and that makes me a reveler of negativity who piles it on?Really?You admitted in your post that you have been critical of others in the past. Does that make you a...
New Posts  All Forums: