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[quote=Mr T;4096258] Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Just in time for the Super Bowl. Discuss. Questionable: I agree, Danny White was always questionable but his backups were also not the answer. Roger Staubach left big shoes to fill. That blue trench Landry is wearing is awesome.
^^ Yes.
I certainly agree with what you're saying. It's hard to reason with the unreasonable, though. I've seen some ugly consequences of chair removal.
The Atlantic recordings box set called "Birth of Soul" is really great. It's 3cd's. There are other Atlantic collections, but this one is my favorite. No fat on this one.
Another vote for changing the tie. Socks are pretty muted and look good with suit and shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White I said "The Searchers" as soon as I clicked on the thread title. Still, I gotta give honorable mention to Big Country as it captures my disgust with rural ignorance. A Bad Day At Black of the "modern" Westerns. Comedy: Cat Ballou. Love "Bad Day at Black Rock." First time I really enjoyed Spencer Tracy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock For all it's amenities, the droves of cloying Midwesterners really bring down Chicago.. Ha, that's sig-worthy.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint that show was great. cabin boy is one of the funniest damn movies ever, too. "Action Family" is pretty damn funny too. I wouldn't mind seeing "FDR, A One Man Show" right now.
Probably been mentioned already, but have to say Walter Brennan.
I like the original much better.
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