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What are the measurements on the Pendleton, please?
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy You honestly think the Bulls are making the finals? Who knows? They could. I wouldn't bet against the Celtics, but the East looks wide open.
"Never" is not a good word. White linen in the summer can be great.
I'd stay away from the Florsheims. Leather quality is pretty terrible. They start to look bad and cheap quickly. EBAY, Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank, and B&S on this forum are good places to find much better shoes in your price range.
The Loake Buckingham is not dissimilar and is in your price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by ibleedwhite Yeah then I think about it...on talent alone..they should be able to do amazing things..but who actually thought this season was Heat's "Season"... They dont have any pieces that make championship teams. Role Players, a bench, big men. Yes, this. They don't have enough to make a team. That was clear before the season started. They could be scary in a couple years, if they stick together and add pieces....
Nicely done. You were the Easter egg security guard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will C. Pretty high button stance, but it looks cool! Thanks. No-break trousers too!
Pretty good start. The leisure suits came a little later.
I've seen it done well. Patrick Grant pulls it off, in my opinion. Keep it trimmed.
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