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Nice to see Tarantino slowly turning into Oliver Stone.
Thought my eyes might be deceiving me when I saw him make that shot.
That Derrick Rose guy is pretty good.
Nice to see Rip fit in pretty seamlessly with the Bulls tonight. Still got some life in the old legs out on the break.
Hopefully the OP isn't still looking for a hat five years later.
Downtown '81 Beat Street
Buy flat fronts that fit in the leg and seat and have the waist altered to fit. It's pretty inexpensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA silver tie = wedding party The people at the club don't know this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Magic lasting until the #8 pick is completely insane. Did these guys watch him play live? He's the definition of "someone who makes his teammates better." Yeah, whenever I think of dream teams, he's always running the point.
"We're smarter than ever these days." Oy.
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