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Just replied to your pm.
Why do you need an US credit card? I use my CIBC Visa with no issues.
Anyone have any experience with the slim fit cords?
Middle finger on a iPhone?
Good news for Vancouverites...
Looking at the the webster boot. How's the sizing on this boot? TTS or half size smaller. TIA
So what did you think of the boot? TTS or did you size down?Cheers.
The code was working on sale items last night... but no longer is. The details do state that it's on regularly priced items. Must have been a glitch last night as it worked on both my sales purchases. Anyone have a new code that works on sale items?
Yes, many times. Under $20 tax/duty free. However I was looking at a $100 jacket. 20% off takes you to $80... taxes and duty over $20 and now you're over the $100 price tag. Should have made the purchase in December .
No worries. I'm going to hold out for a 30-40% coupon. 20% only covers duty and tax when shipping to Canada.
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