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Are we certain this hasn't already come and gone? Last line of article...The 2012 Kazaar Limited Edition Grand Cru is available exclusively via the online Nespresso boutique.
Yeah, I'm a bit concerned about the 12 intensity as well. Although, personally, I thought the Napoli got it right. Apparently many others did as well... the manager told me that people were buying it up by the hundreds at a time... 800s.
While I was at the local boutique the other day, picking up my monthly bundle of Arpeggio and having a moan about the shortlived Napoli, I learned some promising info. Apparently there are two new dark blends waiting in the wings and set to be added to the permant lineup come this Fall. The SA let slip that one should be 12 intensity... let's hope one of the two rivals is worthy of the most certainly higher price tag.
Given that the Vanilla and Caramel were variations from 2010...http://www.carrieandthebags.de/2010/12/vanilla-amande-caramel.htmlI'm going to assume we'll see the Napoli and Trieste added to the lineup by 2016
The Napoli and Trieste sold out within weeks. They are long gone. You're lucky you stocked up. I agree though. So many subpar blends...
How is the sizing on these? Size down since they look relaxed?
They're out there... anyone try them...http://www.coffeecapshop.com/product_p/nc001.htm
Why you gotta be like dat?Yes. My pics are from the Canadian site and yes, the "limited editions" are always the most expensive, although it's crap that we're paying 5 cents more per capsule.
Nice. Seems the Trieste hits a 9, while the Napoli sits at 10. Just ordered both... looking forward to something new and hopefully better.
Also, I have never descaled my machines. My bro, who's a Chem Prof up here says with our water it wasn't necessary. He also has the Le Cube from back then.
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