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Hi. Is there anyone here from Honk Kong who is willing to buy me something from Konzepp (pref. in the store, buy online ok) and post it to me in Australia. I'll pay $US10 for the service (item is only $US30) + paypal fees. Thanks!
are the excella zippers smaller than the standard zippers ? (size #8 for the main zip instead of #10)
290 - size in mondopoint (used by NATO and other military services) .. equals a euro 45 or us 11.502 08 - made in february 2008 ??5679 - code for the bundeswehr contractor/factory where these were made ??
warrior are really cheap:http://www.warriorclothingengland.com/dept/original-harrington-jackets-great-skinhead-clothing_d0141.htmhttp://www.angryyoungandpoor.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=219548&idcategory=337from official-best-of-waywt-favorite-fits:
did this jacket get a special/extra wash? it always looks much more matte than the other washed lambskin jackets (the ones made from hides washed in drew's washing machine)
I'm still waiting to get my boots back, but the factory resole looked really messy. The stitching wasn't neat and the screws were all over the place. Some of the screws weren't even completely in the sole. The shape of the boots had changed too, they were all out of shape and not as nice as they were. I expected that a factory resole would look as good as new and be done with lots of care, but it just looked like a really rushed job.I spoke to the head repair guy at...
Yeah, "sheep" that probably say "woof". This is coming from a company that claim to have a big factory, but can't send actual photos of their jackets.With all the MMM 5 zip demand/talk, I'm surprised that no one makes a decent 1:1 rip off. I'm sure a company like Black Scissors or Stud Homme would sell heaps if they made a good copy for around $500 or less (I think Drew said that Margiela leather is cheaper than TOJ leather, and you can get cheaper zippers that look like...
yep, i'm guessing at that price the quality would be horrendous. i'm imagining #3 nylon zippers with plastic sliders and goat leather from a goat that they ate and tanned in their backyard (TOJ charges $70 just to upgrade to the excella zippers like shown in the photo)
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