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I gathered from another thread in B/S that the medium sweater has a pit-to-pit of 23". Does anyone know the measurement for a size small?
Used Erenoth's referral link. If the previous links all get used up, I'd appreciate anyone using mine. Does anyone have the new Refined Slim Fit Chinos? Would they dress up well? I'm looking for some cheap office pants but I can't see much of a difference between them and the old slim fit chinos, which I own & think are a bit rugged, from the photos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow I've been scouring thrifts for 3 months looking for ANYTHING from Billy and now you tell me there's an outlet less than 3 hours drive from my home? The Bill's sale happens twice a year"”once in June then again in December. There used to be an actual outlet store but that closed. For these events they just fill two large rooms with table after table of pants. Everything is unhemmed, defects are clearly...
Bill's Khakis Summer Warehouse Sale Saturday, June 11 "¢ 9am-2pm 531 Canal Street, Reading, PA Factory 2nds - $20 or 5 for $95, Coats - $50, Discontinued 1st quality - $30 10% of sales go to the John Paul II Center for Special Learning.
Bills Khakis' Holiday Warehouse Sale is being held tomorrow, 12/11, at 531 Canal St., Reading, PA (about an hour northwest of Philly). 9am-2pm. They restock throughout the day. Factory 2nds - 5 for $95, Coats - $50, Discontinued 1st quality - $30
I can't speak for this specific coat, but I purchased Schott's duffle coat in oxford grey last week. First, the color is a little darker in person than in their photos if you're looking for a dark coat. The oxford grey is definitely more versatile. Second, the fit is true to size and slim fitting. I'm a 40, ordered the medium, and I don't have much wiggle room with a heavy sweater on. Sizing down would definitely be too small for you. Their large is for 42-44 so you...
Made a good deal with mainy for a blazer. He even threw in a couple of starter ties. Great seller and very responsive to PMs.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 BB F&F sale through tomorrow (IIRC). Might as well get it now, a soild navy isn't going to go on sale ever. The F&F sale ends tonight. It's a nice blazer. I don't own it, I just try it on every time I'm in a BB. The hopsack weave definitely stands out among the other blazers on the rack. I regret not buying it in July when blazers were 30% off and I opened a BB card. I feel like the Fitz cut still fits a...
Looking for that staple navy blazer to help get my wardrobe off the ground. 3/2 and side vents preferred, but not necessary. Looking for cuts and brands similar to BB Fitz/Regent or PRL/BRL. Interested in old school sacks, as well. Rough measurements: Shoulder - 17.5-18" Chest - 20.5-21" Min. Sleeve - 23.5" Max BOC Length - 29.5"
What's the J Crew jacket length from bottom of collar?
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