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Hmmm. I always thought i liked tweed because it looked good and kept me warm. But maybe it's really because of my Irish ethnicity.
I thought I was the only one who declines to "rock" his clothes. How do you feel about "kicks" as a synonym for shoes?
This is one of my favorite posts ever.
I bought a DB shawl collar cotton cardigan for around $30 at H&M in San Francisco this summer. BTW, not that you asked, I'm not a fan of that notch.
I have a vintage steel Datejust with white gold bezel. It goes in for service every 5 years or so, and when that happens I get a new crystal and have the case & bezel polished. Over the years the little peaks & valleys on the bezel have lost some of their sharpness from the polishing, but it all adds to the "patina" of a 50-year-old watch. I wear it nearly every day so it inevitably gets nicked up, but I try to just consider that wear & tear between polishings. If you...
There you go. As for colors, the darker the better (only for trousers & jacket -- you should wear a light-colored shirt, preferably white, even in NJ). If it's a waterfront wedding in the late afternoon, you will definitely need a jacket. Maybe a sweater too.
My thoughts exactly. This always makes me cringe when I see it.
Once you get a nice dinner suit, you find several occasions to wear it. I've been to two black-tie events so far this year and have three more planned before the end of October.
I had a glen plaid suit in tobacco brown with a blue overcheck, and I often wore medium or navy blue solid ties with it. No one ever screamed in horror or even complained. Of course, as I mentioned before, it helps to be startlingly handsome.
Quote: Originally Posted by rolledcollar The wrinkles lend cotton trousers a certain amount of casual informality. I view that as an asset depending on the situation. Avoidance of wrinkles at all times in all situations seems like a popular view on men's clothing forums and I feel that view is misguided. If you don't want that informality or just don't want wrinkles, choose a more naturally wrinkle-resistant material like wool. ^ this. I...
New Posts  All Forums: