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I'm in San Antonio and I don't wear shorts unless I'm exercising or at the beach. If I can do it certainly the OP can get through his "very hot" Toronto summer in linen and chinos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek If we are adding Revolving as a theme, can we add HermesMan? +1 for Hermes Man. And office pants.
This is not nearly as heinous as some on this board would have you believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by JermynStreetBoy or should I just dump all of them into my new cufflink box? Not only would I not leave the cufflinks in, I also wouldn't just dump them into a box. Call me OCD, but I would carefully store them so that they don't get dinged up.
Indoor or outdoor wedding? If it's indoors, there's no reason to wear a light-colored cotton suit. You'd look better in something darker with a white shirt & nice tie. But if it's outdoors, by all means carry on with the khaki suit & pale blue shirt, no tie. As for the boots, all I can say is that I've lived in Texas on & off since 1985, and I have never once worn boots with a suit.
It would have to be a massive problem for me to ditch it. I would try to get through with bravado and elan. On the other hand, I did go home and change once because I realized I was wearing brown shoes and a black belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Accountancy The traditional guidance has been posted, but in practice these days I see the large majority of guys strolling around with their jackets unbuttoned. It's fine. Really, it isn't fine. Strolling around with your jacket unbuttoned makes you look sloppy and it adds about 20 lbs to your appearance. Better to button when you stand, unbutton when you sit.
If you have an upscale resale shop (or two) where you live, you can check there. Even if they don't have something usable on hand, if you ask for the manager and leave him/her your business card with a note saying you are interested in formal wear they come across, they will seek it out for you. Let them know you're willing to pay a few hundred bucks for a good set of tails.
I'm thinking about it, now that my sons are teenagers and we're all getting to be about the same shirt sizes.
In the U.S., Stein Mart has carried half-lined 100% linen suits in its way-downscaled Alan Flusser brand, in navy and tan. They're sold as separates. Jacket and trousers together cost around $100.
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