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No, the lapels aren't too wide. The gorge and button stance are kind of high, though.
I don't really see how this happened -- would it have been the plastic stays in the collar points? If so, it may not be noticeable, and remember to remove them next time.If something melted onto the shirt, you may be able to un-melt it by covering the plastic with a thin towel and holding a warm iron over it. The plastic will melt and be absorbed into the towel.
Watches are not usually meant for fashion. Watches are meant for timekeeping. That said, there are beautiful watches and there are ugly watches, and everything in between. A beautiful watch would fit under your shirtsleeve. A gentleman would display it subtly.
Yes.OP: Don't wear a four-button suit jacket. I don't mean to the interview. I mean ever.
I assume you mean a midnight blue dinner jacket, not a blazer. Those are two different things and SF is unforgiving in pointing that out. If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if it's OK to wear a midnight blue dinner jacket with black trousers. I asked the same question a while back after I found a great midnight blue shawl collar DJ in a thrift store without matching trousers. I was told it is not OK. But someone also posted a pic of Christopher...
My thought exactly. Anything beyond that is going to be even uglier, sorry to say.
Besides what was said above, dinner jackets (please don't say "tuxedo blazer") traditionally don't have vents at all. In return for the learned advice you will receive from this forum, you can do us a favor and throw away those shoes.
Then you are too young to be dining with a lady in a "fancy" restaurant.
1. Don't go to tourist places.2. Put your wallet in the inside pocket of your sportcoat.2a. You are wearing a sportcoat, right?3. Be a significant badass so that no one would dream of stealing from you.
I go to about a half-dozen black tie events per year. These are fundraiser gala dinner type events where the invitation says either black tie or black tie optional. I own my own DB dinner jacket, but I would guess the majority of the gentlemen who attend these things rent. The ones who don't rent have bought something notch-lapeled at JAB and wear it with a pre-tied bow tie, often in a "festive" color like red, or occasionally a long black silk tie. Before I lost weight...
New Posts  All Forums: