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Hello Gem21. I presume you're the bride, and as much as I enjoy seeing women on the forum, you may have come to the wrong place with your queries, especially if, as you say, the goods have been ordered and can't be changed. Most people here would tell you that the groomsmen don't need to wear identical suits, that you shouldn't buy suits at Macy's, that you shouldn't worry about everything matching everything else, etc. If you stick with those suits, let the groomsmen...
First: Congrats, OP, for realizing you need to change. You've taken an important first step. Follow the advice given so far. It's been good. I would add that you should subscribe to GQ, Esquire and/or Details. You're in need of basic help, and that's exactly what they offer. You want good dark jeans instead of that Hollister crap. Chinos are even better -- no pleats or cuffs! Cardigans or v-necks, not hoodies. Loafers or brogues, not sneakers. Shirts, not T-shirts. A pea...
The windowpane pattern on each of those jackets is large enough and subtle enough that you could get away with a tattersall or gingham shirt, as long as they were paired with solid ties. You could easily wear solid white, blue or pink shirts with patterned ties -- say dots or a repp stripe. I would think a university or butcher stripe would also work well. You didn't ask about trousers, but obviously you'll want solids there as well. Mid-gray flannel would be nice, navy...
Wedding band on my left hand, claddagh ring on my right. I've seen all the stuff about how a gentleman should wear one ring at most, but I respond with a hearty Irish FTFY.
Is Reichardt's still open in Des Moines? It's worth a look.
They all look too fashion-forward for your stated purpose of being viewed as businesslike and enduring for several years. Jacket length is too short and button position is too high. Of the four, I thought A might be the most professional looking, but my recommendation would be to visit your local Brooks Brothers.
Your question was "can it not be a costume?" The answer is: not if you wear it as is. The enormous lapels and the very large patch pockets make it look really dated. Acutally, not just dated; a classic suit jacket would have lapels nowhere near that size. That's more of a bad fashion experiment. I suppose a gifted tailor could reshape the lapels, but the cost would be far more than the suit is worth, and results would not be guaranteed. There's no way to tell by looking at...
Hmmm. I always thought i liked tweed because it looked good and kept me warm. But maybe it's really because of my Irish ethnicity.
I thought I was the only one who declines to "rock" his clothes. How do you feel about "kicks" as a synonym for shoes?
This is one of my favorite posts ever.
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