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My thoughts exactly. This always makes me cringe when I see it.
Once you get a nice dinner suit, you find several occasions to wear it. I've been to two black-tie events so far this year and have three more planned before the end of October.
Jeromestyle is to Hermes Man as Men's Wearhouse is to Barney's.
I had a glen plaid suit in tobacco brown with a blue overcheck, and I often wore medium or navy blue solid ties with it. No one ever screamed in horror or even complained. Of course, as I mentioned before, it helps to be startlingly handsome.
Quote: Originally Posted by rolledcollar The wrinkles lend cotton trousers a certain amount of casual informality. I view that as an asset depending on the situation. Avoidance of wrinkles at all times in all situations seems like a popular view on men's clothing forums and I feel that view is misguided. If you don't want that informality or just don't want wrinkles, choose a more naturally wrinkle-resistant material like wool. ^ this. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen Don't begin by being a prick. Yours ever, VG. +1 Feed not the troll.
I'm in San Antonio and I don't wear shorts unless I'm exercising or at the beach. If I can do it certainly the OP can get through his "very hot" Toronto summer in linen and chinos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek If we are adding Revolving as a theme, can we add HermesMan? +1 for Hermes Man. And office pants.
This is not nearly as heinous as some on this board would have you believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by JermynStreetBoy or should I just dump all of them into my new cufflink box? Not only would I not leave the cufflinks in, I also wouldn't just dump them into a box. Call me OCD, but I would carefully store them so that they don't get dinged up.
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