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I thought of two more:11. I subscribe to magnificentbastard.com's n-2 rule for how many buttons to button on a polo shirt, where n = the total number of buttons on the shirt.12. If I were single, the formula I would use for determining whether a woman was too young for me to date would be the "half + 7" rule: Take half your age and add seven years -- that's the minimum.
Back to the non-rule rules: 1. If I wear a suit without a tie, I wear a patterned shirt. It looks less like I just forgot to put on a tie. Still, I do this as rarely as possible. 2. We are "business casual" at my office, but I wear a jacket or blazer or suit coat every day. No casual Fridays allowed. 3. I have casual cotton jackets that I wear in the summertime, but I don't pair them with nice wool trousers. Cotton goes with cotton. I have been known to wear a navy linen...
Why are you libeling us in this way?
I disagree. I went from 215 lbs to 160 lbs and did not keep any of my old suits/jackets. Not having those clothes as a fallback position is a good incentive to keep the weight off. It's been five years and counting for me. OP can resize on the way down if he's still losing weight, but 42 to 40 is at or beyond the level of doable -- you lose more size in your shoulders and chest than you would expect. Also, plan on getting new shirts, because the necks will become too large.
Agree this is the best option of what you presented.After Starting today, you need to spend a LOT more time lurking here. And maybe donate your clothes, especially those brown shoes and your ties, to charity and start over.
You're in Urkel territory now, my friend.
I tuck my undershirt into the waistband of my boxer briefs. It stays put.
Mine too. Wearing the same thing every day is for characters in Wes Anderson movies. I wear a lot of white shirts, but I also wear a lot of blue shirts, pink shirts, striped shirts, windowpane shirts. I even have a glen plaid shirt. They all look good.
The point is that extending your arm and discreetly pulling back your sleeve to glimpse a classic wristwatch is a much more elegant movement than fishing around in your pocket (or, God forbid, your belt-mounted holster) for a mobile phone.
If you're going to go tieless, I think it also helps to wear a patterned shirt. To me, a solid white or blue shirt just makes it look like the wearer forgot his tie. George Clooney and Tom Ford are exempted from this rule.
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