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I picked up exactly what you're looking for at Target for like $30, but if J Crew quality is too shitty for you, you probably won't like that. In the most recent edition of Esquire's Big Black Book, there's a page of unstructured lightweight sportcoats that would be more to your tastes.
What we have here is a lack of communication. The OP wants Scott Disdick; SF is trying to give him Cary Grant. OP, your instincts are terrible. You need to lurk more, a lot more. Stop thinking of classic menswear as boring. It got to be classic for a reason. If you're concerned that following SF advice will make your fellow students will judge you harshly, remember that they are the worst-dressed people you will ever be around for the rest of your life. By choosing what...
No way I could limit this to a top three: 1. Finished hand-wound (not auto) mechanical movement. 2. Precious metal case instead of steel. Display back optional. 3. Leather or croc strap instead of metal bracelet. Can have a deployant clasp or traditional buckle. 4. Rectangle, square, tank, tonneau or cushion shape is perferable to round. 5. Roman numeral or baton markers are preferable to numerals. 6. White or silver dial is preferable to black or other dark color. 7. If...
Every time I think the forum has become too cruel to noobs with stoopid questions, something like this shows up to make me think the forum isn't quite cruel enough.
I not only expect compliments, but I think people should stand and applaud when I enter a room.
I agree with what's above; it could be magnetized, and regardless, if you got water inside the case, you need to get it serviced ASAP. Running very fast is also a symptom of something gunking up the hairspring. Any competent watchmaker will be able to diagnose the problem and give you a very hefty estimate for what it will cost to fix it.
I'm in South Texas, which alternates between Saharan desert/Cambodian rainforest climate, depending on which way the wind is blowing. I recommend linen and cotton in light colors, staying out of the sun, and changing clothes often. I have made it through the past three summers without wearing shorts in public at all. If you're going to wear OTR chinos, shirts, etc., beware of stain-resistant or wrinkle-free treatments. Those seem to wear a lot warmer than regular cloth. I...
Depends on whether OP intends to wear them as Office Pants.
The fact that you included this disclaimer leads me to believe that you knew you were in for some abuse by posting the question, and knew in advance what the answers would be, but you posted the question anyway. So you're at least kind of provocative, if not an outright troll.Get a nice-fitting, comfortable pair of cotton chinos and shut the fk up.
I know I've ripped off this line from Esquire before on this forum, but it seems particularly appropriate here. Before wearing your black suit with a black shirt, pre-treat them by throwing them away.
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